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Play Minecraft Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Powers of 2 in "Minecraft"
Powers of 2 exist everywhere in "Minecraft" (PC). You automatically notice them a lot - 16 colors of wool, items stacking to 64, and the world height being 256. There are more, from 1/2 to 256. Each question's number will be double the previous number.
10 Q
Feb 03 15
93 plays
2 "Minecraft": From Dirt to Netherakk
"Minecraft" is a fun and exciting sandbox PC game, where players try to survive in a randomly-generated world as long as they can. This quiz covers the basics of the game. I hope you have fun with it!
10 Q
Nov 04 11
4029 plays
3 The Basics of "Minecraft"
A quiz on the basics of this excellent PC game.
10 Q
Jan 29 11
6657 plays
4 "Minecraft" Mobs - Enderman
This is my second quiz about "Minecraft" mobs and today it's going to be about the fearsome Enderman! This is for "Minecraft" 1.7 on the PC.
10 Q
Aug 24 14
453 plays
5 Minecraft
A quiz on the PC game "Minecraft" made by Notch!
10 Q
Sep 18 12
2961 plays
6 "Minecraft" Mobs
Do you know really about mobs? See if you know about mobs in "Minecraft" for PC. Take this quiz!
10 Q
Mar 02 13
2007 plays
7 "Minecraft" 1.8
This is a quiz to test your knowledge of the additions to "Minecraft" in the 1.8 update on the PC. Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 28 14
378 plays
8 Hurry, Before it Gets Dark
This is a sequel to my "A Day in the Life of Minecraft" quiz about "Minecraft" for the PC. This one will be based on the hostile mobs in "Minecraft".
10 Q
Jun 15 13
840 plays
9 "Minecraft" Mania
Do you like to play the downloaded PC version of "Minecraft"? Then this is the quiz for you!
10 Q
Apr 15 12
3078 plays
10 A Snappy Dresser
"Minecraft": the game where you break blocks, punch trees, and fight monsters. Don't you think you would need something to protect you from said monsters? This quiz is about the armors of PC "Minecraft".
10 Q
Nov 03 14
192 plays
11 The "Minecraft" Quiz!
This is a quiz on the amazing PC game "Minecraft"! Test your knowledge on this game now! Please rate!
10 Q
Feb 03 13
1026 plays
12 Basics of "Minecraft"
Hello, this is a quiz on the basics of "Minecraft". Fill in and have fun. This game is for the PC.
10 Q
Apr 08 13
1101 plays
13 Jeff's "Minecraft" 1
This is my first "Minecraft" (PC) quiz. Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 24 12
930 plays
14 "Minecraft" Mobs - Creeper
This is just a quiz on the explosive mob: CREEPER! This is for the PC version.
10 Q
Aug 18 14
294 plays
15 From Dirt Blocks to Diamonds - "Minecraft"
Welcome to this "Minecraft" (PC) quiz that will test your knowledge of this popular game. Everything from dirt blocks to bedrock will be uncovered, so be prepared!
10 Q
Jan 19 14
573 plays
16 Joy to the Craft
When playing "Minecraft", there are times when something causes me great joy, whether by discovery, accomplishment or by accident. The content for this quiz is current to PC version 1.7.2 (Standard survival mode without mods)
10 Q
Dec 07 13
384 plays
17 "Minecraft" Mobs - Zombie
This may not be the most exiting mob of the game but it's certainly just as important: Zombies! This is my fifth quiz on "Minecraft" mobs. This is for PC 1.7.
10 Q
Sep 21 14
336 plays
18 Minecraftastic
"Minecraft" is my favorite game so what else would I do for my first quiz? This quiz is about the PC version of "Minecraft". Hope you like it.
10 Q
Oct 05 14
258 plays
19 "Minecraft" Mobs - Skeleton
Welcome to my fourth "Minecraft" mobs quiz. Today we're going to be taking a quiz on the lord of bones: the Skeleton. This is for PC 1.7.
10 Q
Aug 31 14
342 plays
20 "Minecraft" Battles
This is about mobs, provocation,and PvP skills. This is also my first quiz. This is for "Minecraft" 1.7.4, played on the PC.
10 Q
Apr 04 14
465 plays
21 A Day In the Life of "Minecraft"
"Minecraft", which can be bought on a computer, is a simple game where you build, gather resources and survive. This is a fun quiz where you determine what your "Minecraft" IQ is.
10 Q
Jan 23 13
1188 plays
22 Random "Minecraft" Stuff!
This tests your knowledge about random things in "Minecraft"! "Minecraft" is played on the PC.
10 Q
Jan 03 12
3228 plays
23 "Minecraft" Basics
This is a simple quiz with all the basic things in "Minecraft", the PC game.
10 Q
Jan 08 13
843 plays
24 "Minecraft" Basics
If you have played "Minecraft" (PC) this should be a piece of cake.
10 Q
May 08 13
720 plays
25 History of "Minecraft" Development and Notch's Bio
This quiz is about history of Notch and his company producing the hit PC game "Minecraft", as well as "Minecraft" itself, going back to the roots.
10 Q
Dec 30 11
1413 plays
26 "Minecraft" Items and Their Uses
This is a quiz for you test to your knowledge on the vanilla version of "Minecraft" for PC. Have fun!
10 Q
Jun 17 14
366 plays
27 "Minecraft" - Into the Nether
Hello! This is a "Minecraft" quiz and it is my first. The questions are for PC, but "Minecraft" can be played on PC, Xbox, and handheld devices (Pocket Edition).
10 Q
Sep 09 13
666 plays
28 Power Play - Using Redstone in 'Minecraft'
Redstone is a simple enough resource in the procedurally-generated sandbox game of 'Minecraft' (PC), but dig a bit deeper (no pun intended) and you can create some extraordinarily complex systems and mechanisms. Here's a small look at what you can use.
10 Q
Aug 02 14
177 plays
29 "Minecraft" Enemies
This quiz tests your knowledge on how well you know your "Minecraft" (PC) enemies, but are you up for the challenge?
10 Q
Jun 10 12
2658 plays
30 Do you play "Minecraft"?
This quiz is about the video game "Minecraft" (PC). All things in this quiz apply up to version 1.6.2.
10 Q
Nov 25 13
381 plays
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* How do you make a large chest?
* Which of these can be used as fuel for your furnace?
* Which tool must you use to mine stone and ores?
* Skeletons drop bones, and pigs drop pork chops. What do zombies drop?
* Which two blocks are affected by gravity?

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