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1 Unusual Evolutions
Evolution is pretty much central to the 'Pokemon' series, but it's not always as straightforward as you might think to evolve some Pokemon. Here's ten which fit the bill.
10 Q
Apr 30 14
186 plays
2 Some Pokémon that Aren't So Child-Friendly
Many Pokémon are seen as cute creatures that get along with humans, but some take part in sinister activities that are anything but adorable. Pokémon from the first five generations and info. from the Pokedex entries up to "Black/White 2" is used. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 28 14
117 plays
3 "Pokémon" Generations
Team quiz by The Frost Dragons
We are The Frost Dragons! This quiz is about the various generations of "Pokémon" games.
10 Q
Jun 26 14
105 plays
4 Pokémon
This is my first quiz and I am hoping to make lots more! This quiz is about the games up to "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y".
10 Q
Jun 06 14
132 plays
5 Pokemon are People Too!
Pokémon are people, too! Or at least these Pokémon sort of resemble people. This quiz spans the first six generations.
Not Rated
10 Q
3 plays
6 "Pokémon" Generations
The "Pokémon" series has introduced new elements as it progressed. I will ask you about an element of the "Pokémon" games, and you tell me in which generation of games that element first appeared.
10 Q
Oct 22 07
1569 plays
7 "Pokemon" Move Match-Ups
In this quiz, I will give you the name of a Pokemon, and you need to tell me what is super effective against it. Sound easy enough? Let's begin! This is for Gold, Silver, and Crystal onward.
10 Q
Jun 16 09
765 plays
8 "Pokemon" Evolutions
This quiz will test you knowledge on the many evolutions and pre-evolutions in the "Pokemon" series. This quiz will cover everything up to "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl". Good Luck!
10 Q
Jun 05 07
5781 plays
9 Domineering Dragons
See how much you know about Dragon type Pokemon, and some that are not, that can be found in the "Pokemon" series from the Red and Blue versions, for the Game Boy, up to "Pokemon Platinum" for the DS.
10 Q
Feb 05 10
774 plays
10 "Pokemon" Video Games Random Questions
Hello, this quiz has random questions regarding the video games (from "Red"-"Platinum"). It may ask you about Pokemon, attacks and even glitches. Good luck.
15 Q
Jan 23 10
816 plays
11 Pokemon Breeding 101
Are you fit to be a Pokemon Breeder? This will test you on egg moves, Pokemon compatibility, and maybe even how to hatch specific Pokemon! Have fun! All questions are up to a "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" Standard, for the Nintendo DS.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Dec 19 07
2220 plays
12 "Pokemon" Games
This "Pokemon" quiz explores every generation of "Pokemon" from Generation I to Generation IV.
10 Q
May 09 10
927 plays
13 Pokemon Legendaries in Versions
Think you know a lot about Legendary Pokemon? Test it out in the quiz. This is a quiz about the legendary Pokemon that exist in the versions; it shouldn't be hard. Good Luck!
10 Q
Jan 02 10
1221 plays
14 Poison Pokemon
Poison type Pokemon can be nasty, status inflicting Pokemon, so I decided to make a quiz all about them! This quiz will cover poison type Pokemon and moves up to "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" games. Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 26 07
1617 plays
15 Legendary Pokemon
This quiz is all about the Legendary Pokemon up to "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl". This does not include Nintendo promo Pokemon. ALL questions are assuming that no trading or cheat codes are used.
10 Q
Jul 13 07
4845 plays
16 Doctor Huh?
Huh? I went to the Pokemon Centre to heal my little critters, but they ended up being diagnosed with various disorders. Take this quiz to see if you can identify these Pokemon (from the original 150).
10 Q
Aug 21 13
237 plays
17 "Pokemon" Moves and Abilities
Are you a "Pokemon" Master? Here, you will asked about Moves and Abilities! Take the quiz, and see yourself! This covers all games from "Red/Blue/Yellow" for Game Boy to "Black 2/White 2" for Nintendo DS.
10 Q
Sep 02 13
165 plays
18 The Pokémon Challenge
This is a Pokémon quiz for people who think they know a lot about Pokémon. Some questions are easy, but only a true Pokémon master can get others. This quiz covers Pokémon up to the "Diamond" and "Pearl" generations.
10 Q
Nov 06 06
2163 plays
19 Fighting Fire With Water
Now THAT'S a good idea. Fire-types are weak against Water-types, although that's only common sense. Do you know all the other results of attacking and defending with different types of attacks? Information valid up to the fifth generation.
10 Q
Oct 16 12
327 plays
20 "Pokemon" Nature Traits Exam!
Different Pokemon natures can make them act in different ways. Do you know which natures do what to a Pokemon? Let's find out! All questions will be up to a "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" standard, for the Nintendo DS.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Dec 16 07
597 plays
21 "Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness" [1]
"Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube is a unique and entertaining game of the Pokémon franchise. This quiz will cover the beginning of the game up to arriving at Gateon Port for the first time. May contain minor spoilers.
10 Q
Nov 25 12
159 plays
22 Fantastic Flying Types
Being able to learn one of the more useful HM's, Flying types are usually on our beginning team when we first start out. These questions will range from "Pokemon Red/Blue" for the Game Boy to "Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold" for the DS.
10 Q
Dec 17 10
315 plays
23 Great Ground Types
Usually paired with other types, Ground Pokemon are vital as they are the only Pokemon who can really nullify Electric-types. This will cover Ground-type Pokemon from "Pokemon Red/Blue" for the Game Boy to "Pokemon Black 2/White 2" for the DS.
10 Q
Jan 20 13
195 plays
24 Bug Pokemon
This quiz is about bug Pokemon. Bug type is my absolute favorite type of Pokemon and I try to have one whenever I play! If you don't know your bug types, then this won't be so easy! These bugs can be found in "Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal".
10 Q
Mar 06 03
5922 plays
25 Main "Pokemon" Games: GBA
This is a quiz created to celebrate Generation III of "Pokémon" games. It is split into three sections of five questions each. Let's hope the DS has not ruined the GBA generation!
15 Q
Jun 27 12
267 plays
26 Pablo's Pokemon Quiz for Kids
Pablo was seven when he made this quiz. He's a big Pokemon fan. Some of the questions have to do with a Gameboy Pokemon game. Have fun!
10 Q
Oct 26 01
9876 plays
27 "Pokémon" Comparisons
This is an should be an easy quiz. It's for all "Pokémon" games before "Leaf Green/Fire Red." "Red/Blue" and "Gold/Silver" are for the Game Boy, while "Ruby/Sapphire" are for the Game Boy Advance.
10 Q
Jul 31 05
1779 plays
28 Radical Rock Types
Usually the type used by the first Gym leaders, Rock types are useful early on due to their strong defense. These questions will range from "Pokemon Red/Blue" for the Game Boy up to "Pokemon Black/White" for the DS.
10 Q
Nov 22 11
216 plays
29 Dragon Pokémon
This quiz is about some of the strongest Pokémon, the Dragon Pokémon. With questions about appearance, attacks and everything Dragon. ^^
10 Q
Oct 02 04
2610 plays
30 Pokemon Berries and their Purposes
Do you know what berries do for your Pokemon in "Pokemon Gold and Silver" up to "Black" and "White"? Take this quiz and find out.
10 Q
Nov 01 11
177 plays
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This is category 11447
Last Updated Jul 27 14 4:08 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Which two are some common Pokemon you see at the beginning of Red and Blue?
* How many cities/towns/islands are there in "Red, Blue, and Yellow" (not Indigo Plateau or Seafoam)?
* In Red, Yellow and Blue, how many badges are there?
* How many people do you have to beat in Pokemon League in Red and Blue (not including Gary)?
* In Gold and Silver, who gives you your first Pokemon?

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