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"Juliette Kidnapped"

Created by Lazellia

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Dogtanian
Juliette Kidnapped game quiz
"Here's quiz number nine in my "Dogtanian" series, on episode number nine - "Juliette Kidnapped"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the beginning of the episode we are told that Dogtanian is not the only one who is worried about Juliette. Who is the other concerned person?
    Duke of Buckingham
    Queen Anne
    Juliette's uncle

2. What colour are the flowers inside the main door of Dogtanian's home?

3. According to the note from Rochefort, when will Juliette be released?
    Within a few days
    Within a week
    Within a few hours
    Within a fortnight

4. When Dogtanian finds out about Juliette, he says "I'll follow her to _____". Fill in the gap.
    the ends of the earth
    the gates of Hell
    the world's end
    the gates of Hades

5. What does Dogtanian give to Sandy to help him find Juliette?
    Her umbrella
    Her pillow
    Her dress
    Her handerchief

6. According to Dogtanian, Sandy is the "only horse in the world with the _____". Fill in the gap.
    nose of a bloodhound
    speed of a cheetah
    eyes of a hawk
    strength of a bear

7. As Dogtanian tries to leave to look for Juliette, something happens which slows him down. What happens?
    He forgets his sword
    He falls off Sandy
    His hat blows off in the wind
    He goes all dreamy from thinking about Juliette

8. Who is the first to fall asleep in the woods?
    Juliette's uncle

9. Juliette almost escapes while her captor is sleeping, but at the last minute he is woken up. What wakes him up?
    The fire crackles
    He falls off his chair
    Rochefort arrives
    The door slams behind Juliette

10. What colour was the roof of Cardinal Richelieu's home?

11. What does Juliette use to signal to Dogtanian?
    She fans smoke from the fire
    She reflects the sun in her mirror
    She throws a note out of the window
    She sprays her perfume outside so Sandy can track it

12. Who is the only one to respond to Juliette's signal?

13. When Dogtanian won't wake up, how do the others force him to?
    Sandy stands on his head
    Sandy chews the feather on his hat
    Planchet throws water on him
    Planchet shouts and makes him jump

14. When Dogtanian and his friends arrive at the cottage, Juliette can't speak. Why?
    The captor has a gun to her head
    The captor has a knife to her throat
    The captor has a gun aimed at Dogtanian
    The captor has his hands over her mouth

15. Rochefort has a Juliette decoy on his horse to make Dogtanian think he is riding off with her. What is this decoy?
    A rolled up rug
    A log
    A pillow
    A dress

16. How does Widimer manage to injure himself?
    He trips over his cape
    He kicks a rock and falls over
    He slips in a puddle and rolls down the hill
    He falls down the stairs

17. What is Widimer doing while he is walking down the street?

18. Where are Aramis and his girlfriend when Widimer sees them?
    Under the bridge
    Leaving the restaurant
    Crossing the bridge
    Entering the restaurant

19. When Widimer sees Aramis and his girlfriend, he thinks they are different people. Who?
    Juliette and Rochefort
    The Queen and the King
    The Queen and the Duke of Buckingham
    Juliette and Dogtanian

20. There is a symbol repeated on the bridge, which looks like a letter inside a circle. What is the letter?

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