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Panda's Quiz

Created by funnytrivianna

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Pandas Quiz game quiz
"On August 9, 2010, my black and white cat, Panda, passed away. She was a wonderful pet, so I thought that she could tell you about her life. (Suggested by my good friend conundrum49) "

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1. I was born on April 20, 2006. I came from a litter of seven kittens. What might be a reason for why we didn't all look alike?
    We were born two minutes apart
    So we could tell each other apart
    So our mother cat could tell us apart
    We had different father cats

2. Normally, kittens don't go to new homes until we are about eight weeks old, but since I was weaned early, I could go live with my new owner when I was seven weeks old. What does weaned actually mean?

    To know how to use the litter box
    To no longer drink milk from the mother cat
    To have all of my teeth and claws
    To be able to meow on my own

3. When my owner picked me out of the litter, it was love at first sight and all because she loves black and white cats. What are we often referred to as, because of our coloring?
    Bruiser cats
    Licorice cats
    Photo cats
    Tuxedo cats

4. My owner, being a responsible pet owner, took me to the vet very soon after bringing me home. Why did she want my ears checked?

    To check for earrings
    To check for ear mites
    To check for earwigs
    To check for earwax

5. I adapted quite easily to my new home by using the litter box and by using a great object that my owner bought for me to keep my claws in good shape. Which item did she buy for me?

    My own sofa
    A rubber bone
    A plastic pet taxi
    A scratching post

6. My owner bought me many toys like toy mice and toy birds and toy balls. She sure loved me and one day she took me to the vet again. I was about five months old and I was going to be spayed. What was going to happen to me?
    Being shaved to look like a lion
    Being sprayed with perfume to smell nice
    Being operated on so I couldn't have kittens
    Being shampooed so I could enter a cat show

7. Since I'm a cat that is allowed to go outside to play, I had to get a very special needle from the vet. What kind of a shot did I have to have?
    Whisker extraction
    Fur ball removal
    Rabies prevention
    Purring tune up

8. As both a kitten and a cat, I was always able to communicate to my owner what my needs were. Which is not a way I would do this?

    Sleeping in my hammock
    Facial expressions
    Body language

9. What was I telling my owner when I would look at her, slowly close my eyes, slowly open them and repeat that over again a few times in a row?

    I was about to sneeze
    I needed glasses
    I wanted some cheese
    I loved her

10. When I was just a little over four years old I got very sick. I finally let go of life and died peacefully with my owner beside me. How do you think my sister Peaches and my brother Smokey reacted to my death?
    They never even noticed
    They searched for me
    They danced on the roof
    They started fighting

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