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1944 World Series

Created by EricVG16

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1944 World Series game quiz
"The 1944 World Series featured the crosstown rivals St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the final result of the Series?
    Browns win in 7
    Cardinals win in 7
    Cardinals win in 5
    Cardinals win in 6

2. Who hit the Browns' only home run in the Series?
    Pete Gray
    George McQuinn
    Red Hayworth
    Vern Stephens

3. Which Cardinals pitcher won Game 2 in relief?
    Max Lanier
    Harry Brecheen
    Blix Donnelly
    Johnny Beazley

4. How many runs did the Cardinals score in the Series?

5. Who out-pitched Mort Cooper in Game 1 to give the Browns a win in the opener?
    Denny Galehouse
    Sigmund Jakucki
    Ted Wilks
    Bob Muncrief

6. Who led the Cardinals in hitting during the Series?
    Whitey Kurowski
    Stan Musial
    Emil Verban
    Marty Marion

7. Who drove in the game-winning run for the Cardinals in Game 2?
    Ray Sanders
    Johnny Hopp
    Ken O'Dea
    Augie Bergamo

8. Besides Denny Galehouse, who won the only other game for the Browns in the Series?
    Nels Potter
    Tex Shirley
    Jack Kramer
    Bob Muncrief

9. What little-known Cardinal smacked a home run in Game 5?
    Bud Byerly
    Freddy Schmidt
    George Fallon
    Danny Litwhiler

10. Which player from either team had the most at-bats in the Series?
    Don Gutteridge
    Mike Kreevich
    Johnny Hopp
    Gene Moore

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Compiled Jun 28 12