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Scheherazade and the Sultan

Created by SBH

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Scheherazade and the Sultan game quiz
"A look at the collection of tales known as "The Arabian Nights" or "The 1,001 Nights", as well as some of the countless creative works it has inspired."

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1. The "Arabian Nights" tales are framed as a series of stories (and stories within stories!) told by the clever Scheherazade. For what reason was she supposed to have told them?
    Because it was traditional for a bride to tell stories on her wedding night
    As a teaching tool for her children
    To delay her own execution
    To entertain guests at a court banquet

2. In one of her tales, Scheherazade told of the poor man Ali Baba, who overheard the magical password that opened a cave of fabulous treasure stockpiled by forty thieves. What was this password?
    Open Sesame

3. One of the most famous translators of the "Arabian Nights" tales into English happened to share the name of a much more famous actor. What was his name?
    Laurence Olivier
    Ralph Richardson
    Peter O'Toole
    Richard Burton

4. Perhaps the best known of all Scheherazade's stories is the one about Aladdin and his magical lamp that can summon a genie to do his bidding - partly because of the popular 1992 Disney animated version. But the cartoon "Aladdin" differs in many ways from the traditional telling. Which is not one of these differences?
    In the original story, the princess is called Badroulbadour, not Jasmine
    In the original story, Aladdin is killed by the wicked Vizier
    In the original story, there is also a magic ring that summons a genie
    In the original story, Aladdin's wife is tricked into trading the magic lamp to a peddlar

5. Scheherazade's tales are mainly fictional, but she does incorporate some real people into her stories. Who is the wise Caliph of Baghdad who figures in at least half-a-dozen "Arabian Nights" tales, often learning news of the common people in the marketplace through his Vizier, Ja'far?
    Abu Nuwas
    Harun al-Rashid
    Mustensir Billah

6. Scheherazade's tales have inspired many films. Who played the swashbuckling title character in the 1924 film "The Thief of Baghdad"?
    Gary Cooper
    Douglas Fairbanks
    Richard Barthelmess
    Charlie Chaplin

7. Scheherazade's character Sinbad the Sailor narrates the story of his own life over several connected tales. Among the movies that have been inspired by Sinbad's life story is a 1958 release that features a smorgasbord of special effects (like skeleton soldiers and giant monsters), which look crude today but were very exciting at the time. What's the title?
    The Second Voyage of Sinbad
    The Ninth Voyage of Sinbad
    The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad
    The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad

8. In his voyages, Sinbad the Sailor and his crew are attacked by a giant roc, which destroys their ship. What kind of a creature is a roc?
    An overgrown octopus
    A huge bird of prey
    An enormous whale
    A gigantic sea serpent

9. The influence of the Arabian Nights tales extends beyond literature. What 19th-century Russian composer is known for a suite titled "Scheherazade" that has become a standard of the classical orchestral repertoire?
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Alexander Borodin
    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
    Modest Mussorgsky

10. The "Arabian Nights" stories have even inspired Broadway musicals. In what popular musical of 1953 would you hear the song "Gesticulate", which contains the following unforgettable rhyming lyrics: "Should Scheherazade/Undulate her body/That can be expressed/If you gest-i-cu-late"?
    Flower Drum Song
    Baubles, Bangles and Beads
    The King and I

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