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I'm the Leader of the Gang

Created by shuehorn

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : National Anthems
Im the Leader of the Gang game quiz
"World leaders are fond of pomp and ceremony, and an important element of that is the National Anthem. See how many of these quotes and facts from and about national anthems of the Americas you can identify."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What country in the Americas, home to Gabriel García-Márquez and Shakira, has a national anthem known as "O gloria inmarcesible" ("Oh Unfading Glory")?

2. What Latin country in the Americas, which shares a long land border with the United States of America, has a national anthem whose first word mentions nationals of the country itself?

3. Which national anthem from the Americas is the only one in Portuguese? The ________________ national anthem.
    Answer: (One Word (from the land of Pele) (nine letters))

4. Most people know that the national anthem of the United States of America was written in English by Francis Scott Key and is known as "The Star-Spangled Banner". Which US President (who was then a presidential candidate) got into hot water when he allegedly sang along with the Spanish-language version of the US national anthem at campaign events in 2000?
    George H.W. Bush
    Barack Obama
    Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush

5. Canada's national anthem was originally written in French. True or False?

6. There are several countries in the Americas with French as one of their official languages. Nonetheless, only Canada and one other country in the Americas actually have a national anthem with words in French. Which of the following countries is it?
    French Guiana

7. Which country in the Americas has a national anthem with one verse in Dutch and the other in Sranan Tongo?

8. Argentina and Chile share the same national anthem. True or false?

9. Which of the following island countries in the Caribbean, whose national hero is José Martí and which has been under a revolutionary government since January 1, 1959, has a national anthem called "La Bayamesa"?
    Puerto Rico
    San Andrés
    The Dominican Republic

10. The United States of America and Canada are perhaps the most famous of the nations in the Americas with a national anthem in English. Including the USA and Canada, how many INDEPENDENT countries in the Americas have official versions of their national anthems in English? (Do NOT include in your tally any nations that are dependencies, overseas territories or colonies of other nations).
    Only two, just the USA and Canada.
    There are 29, including the independent island nations.
    Only four, just the US, Canada, Belize and Guyana.
    There are 14, including the independent island nations.

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