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Inaugural Speeches

Created by JuniorTheJaws

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Inaugural Speeches game quiz
"This quiz is to see how much you really know about our past presidents. In this quiz I will give you part of their Inaugural speeches and you have to know which president said it. Have fun and good luck !"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 'The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe, the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God'?
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    Dwight D. Einshower
    Richard M. Nixon

2. "In reference to the Army and Navy, lately employed with so much distinction on active service, care shall be taken to insure the highest condition of efficiency, and in furtherance of that object the military and naval schools, sustained by the liberality of Congress, shall receive the special attention of the Executive".
    William Henry Harrison
    James Knox Polk
    Zachary Taylor
    Franklin Pierce

3. "We must understand that ties of trade bind nations in closest intimacy, and none may receive except as he gives. We have not strengthened ours in accordance with our resources or our genius, notably on our own continent, where a galaxy of Republics reflects the glory of new world democracy, but in the new order of finance and trade we mean to promote enlarged activities and seek expanded confidence".
    Woodrow Wilson
    Warren G. Harding
    Calvin Coolidge
    Herbert Hoover

4. "The permanent pacification of the country upon such principles and by such measures as will secure the complete protection of all its citizens in the free enjoyment of all their constitutional rights is now the one subject in our public affairs which all thoughtful and patriotic citizens regard as of supreme importance".
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Chester A. Arthur
    James A. Garfield
    Rutherford B. Hayes

5. "Our people will not fail at this time to recall the incidents which accompanied the institution of government under the Constitution, or to find inspiration and guidance in the teachings and example of Washington and his great associates, and hope and courage in the contrast which thirty-eight populous and prosperous States offer to the thirteen States, weak in everything except courage and the love of liberty, that then fringed our Atlantic seaboard".
    Benjamin Harrison
    James Madison
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Monroe

6. "And may that Being who is supreme over all, the Patron of Order, the Fountain of Justice, and the Protector in all ages of the world of virtuous liberty, continue His blessing upon this nation and its Government and give it all possible success and duration consistent with the ends of His providence".
    John Adams
    John Quincy Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
    Andrew Johnson

7. "To enter on this occasion into a further or more minute exposition of my views on the various questions of domestic policy would be as obtrusive as it is probably unexpected. Before the suffrages of my countrymen were conferred upon me I submitted to them, with great precision, my opinions on all the most prominent of these subjects. Those opinions I shall endeavor to carry out with my utmost ability".
    John Quincy Adams
    Martin Van Buren
    Harry S. Truman
    Andrew Jackson

8. "Let our recent mistakes bring a resurgent commitment to the basic principles of our Nation, for we know that if we despise our own government we have no future. We recall in special times when we have stood briefly, but magnificently, united. In those times no prize was beyond our grasp".
    Gerald R. Ford
    Jimmy Carter
    Richard M. Nixon
    Ronald Reagan

9. "We have not been obliged to fight for our existence against any alien race; and yet our life has called for the vigor and effort without which the manlier and hardier virtues wither away. Under such conditions it would be our own fault if we failed; and the success which we have had in the past, the success which we confidently believe the future will bring, should cause in us no feeling of vainglory, but rather a deep and abiding realization of all which life has offered us; a full acknowledgment of the responsibility which is ours; and a fixed determination to show that under a free government a mighty people can thrive best, alike as regards the things of the body and the things of the soul".
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Ulyssess S. Grant
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

10. "Though our challenges are fearsome, so are our strengths. And Americans have ever been a restless, questing, hopeful people. We must bring to our task today the vision and will of those who came before us. From our revolution, the Civil War, to the Great Depression to the civil rights movement, our people have always mustered the determination to construct from these crises the pillars of our history".
    George W. Bush
    George H.W. Bush
    William J. Clinton
    Ronald Reagan

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