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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Created by Dudemako

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Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers game quiz
""Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" is one the best adventure/mystery games of all time. I was shocked that no one had made a quiz, so I broke down and created one myself. By the way, this is my first quiz. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In what U.S. city does "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" take place?
    New York
    New Orleans
    Los Angeles

2. What is the name of Gabriel's assistant?
    Dr. John

3. Who is Gabriel's friend on the police force?
    Dr. John

4. Gabriel wants to question Malia Gedde, a nearby resident of a recent voodoo murder. How does he gain access to her home?
    He sneaks in through the bathroom window
    He poses as a wine critic
    He poses as a police officer
    He poses as a reporter

5. Dr. John refers Gabriel to a voodoo expert named Magnetia Moonbeam. What is the name of her pet snake?

6. Gabriel needs more info on voodoo, so he decides to call on madame Cazaunoux. Who does he pretend to be to gain her trust?
    Dr. John
    Father MacLaughlin
    Cardinal Glick
    Father Buchelli

7. A Tulane professor is Gabriel's next stop, what is his name?
    Professor Partridge
    Professor Smartridge
    Professor Cartridge
    Professor Hartridge

8. A junkie and part-time voodoo runner, Crash, provides Gabe with some valuable info and a cool tattoo. What does the tattoo look like?
    a dragon
    a map
    an animal mask
    a snake

9. Who paints a copy of Crash's tattoo on Gabriel's chest for a voodoo ceremony?
    Dr. John
    Magentia Moonbeam

10. After some close calls, Gabriel heads to Germany on Wolfgang's request. How does he finance the trip?
    frequent flyer miles
    advance on new "Blake Backlash" novel
    Malia pays for it
    Mosley's credit card

11. While in Germany, Gabriel needs to gain access to Wolfgang's library. How does he get the key?
    he undergoes the Schattenjager ritual & the key magically appears
    he finds the key in a pile of potatoes
    he steals the key from Gerde
    there is no key to the library

12. After searching the library for clues, Gabriel leaves Germany in search of Uncle Wolfgang. Where does he find him?

13. With Talisman in hand, Gabriel returns to New Orleans to confront the voodoo hounfour. Who are they planning to sacrifice?
    Gabriel's Grandmother

14. Dr. John is intent on taking out Gabriel and Grace after the botched sacrifice. How does he meet his end?
    Tetelo turns him into a zombie
    Gabriel uses the Schattenjager dagger on him
    Mosely shoots him
    Grace karate chops him

15. In the end, what happens to Malia?
    She falls into molten lava
    Mosely arrests her
    Gabriel marries her on St. John's eve
    Grace punches her really hard in the face

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Compiled Jun 28 12