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This sub-category deals with voodoo, superstitions, myths, and monsters--both spooky and mundane. Quizzes on magic are found in the subcategory below.

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31 Myths: Vampires- The Undead
A quiz on traditional Vampires. They are fascinating creatures... this quiz is a mixture of questions particularly easy, plus some that may catch you out.
10 Q
Aug 20 02
11244 plays
32 Chinese Art of Feng Shui
This is a basic quiz to test your knowledge of the ancient art of rearranging oneself in the universe, Feng Shui.
10 Q
Mar 19 02
1893 plays
33 The Body Superstitious
Our bodies are hotbeds of superstition, and this quiz addresses some of them. Most come from the Celtic and Anglo traditions, and can be found in "A Dictionary Of Superstitions," edited by Iona Opie and Moira Tatem.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jul 26 05
1884 plays
34 Interesting Superstitions
Some superstitions are well known, like passing under a ladder and seeing a black cat. However, there exist superstitions that aren't followed anymore. Have fun trying to guess them.
20 Q
Jul 31 00
3990 plays
35 Black Magic and the Supernatural
This is a little journey into the world of the dark powers.
10 Q
Nov 28 00
6804 plays
36 Old Superstitions, Myths and Customs
Do you know old superstitions, customs and old wives tales from Scotland? They often say that there is no smoke without fire!
10 Q
Oct 21 06
3432 plays
37 British Creatures and Places in Legends, Part 2!
My second quiz based on strange, unusual, and downright fascinating legendary and folkloric creatures, places, and people around several of the counties I've visited in England. Enjoy your travels and discoveries!
10 Q
Jul 11 10
315 plays
38 More Superstitions
This is just a quiz of some general superstitions I had to research for school. It shouldn't be too tough (I hope).
25 Q
Feb 03 02
3699 plays
39 More Interesting Superstitions
Here are some unusual questions concerning superstitions. Enjoy.
10 Q
Sep 17 00
4377 plays
40 Scottish Faeries
This quiz is dedicated to all the Faeries of Scotland. Hope you have fun :)
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jan 15 03
1380 plays
41 Superstitions of the Theatre
Most theatre people are very superstitious. Here is a quiz on a few of those superstitions!
5 Q
Aug 21 01
5568 plays
42 Intro to the Tarot
An introduction to the ancient keys of the Tarot deck. Have fun!
10 Q
Jun 13 02
4575 plays
43 Tarot Terror
So you've watched Ms. Cleo a few too many times on late night TV and you think you could do her job? Disclaimer: Question and their respective answers may not apply 100% in a real tarot reading, please consult a professional if interested...
10 Q
May 08 06
1152 plays
44 Old Wives Tales and Superstitions
If you take this quiz and then sneeze twice, you will have good luck. If you take this quiz and then sneeze three times, you're probably getting the flu.
10 Q
Jul 09 10
1440 plays
45 Superstitions of the Circus!
This quiz is all about circus superstitions!
10 Q
Jan 03 03
1488 plays
46 P-Z of Omens and Superstitions
It's been a while since my A-O, but here it is at last, P-Z. That's right, 11 letters in 10 questions. How did I do it? Take the quiz!
10 Q
Dec 27 03
909 plays
47 Superstitions
Alot of different superstitions. See how much you know about what people once believed. You may still believe some of them.
10 Q
Jul 23 00
3366 plays
48 Superstitions
A black cat crosses your path, you walk under a ladder and then you break a mirror. What does this all mean? Are you superstitious? Find out how much you really know about superstitions!
20 Q
Dec 23 00
4800 plays
49 A World of Superstition
Do you know why you can't open an umbrella inside a house in China, or why it is not advised to put your shoes on an English table? This quiz will take you on a superstition tour around the world.
10 Q
Oct 13 02
3048 plays
50 The Legend of the Werewolf
The Werewolf: One of the most famous supernatural monsters ever. But how much about it do you really know?
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 01 05
1383 plays
51 A-O of Mixed Superstitions
A selection of obscure and not so obscure superstitions - get out your four leaf clover and have a go.
Very Difficult
15 Q
Aug 24 03
1308 plays
52 Tarot Cards - Name That Reading!
This occultic 78 card deck has a lot of divinatory meanings behind it. Can you match the card with its paranormal meaning? (Based on the Universal-Waite deck)
10 Q
Dec 06 11
246 plays
53 Jinx Illustrated
The magazine 'Sports Illustrated' has been a main staple of information to millions of sports fans since 1954. To athletes, it's a sign of deserved recognition to be featured on the cover. Or is it? Good luck.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jan 29 02
1212 plays
54 Death Superstitions
Growing up in New England I think I have heard of every superstition and old wives tale that there is. Now lets see how many you know.
10 Q
Jun 28 01
3171 plays
55 Animals and the Gods/Goddesses they serve...
This quiz is for people who know their Magick/Shamanism. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 07 02
1524 plays
56 The Colors of Magick
In the world of magick colors are very important. Take this quiz to see if your know what the colors symbolize.
10 Q
Sep 09 00
3672 plays
57 Faerie
The following quiz is to test your knowledge of different kinds of Fae from around the globe. Enjoy!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Aug 07 02
1164 plays
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This is category 572
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Some sample questions from this category:

* When you spill salt, what should you do?
* What does it mean when you suddenly shiver for no reason?
* If your ears are hot then someone is what?
* According to superstition, why should you cover your mouth when you sneeze?
* What does it mean when a bird pecks on your window?

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