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You see a man uncomfortable in an elevator or a woman afraid to go on the Ferris wheel. These are examples of phobias. With each American having 1.55 phobias, the list goes on and on and on ...

Hopefully, you're not afraid to take quizzes.

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1 Scaredy Cat's Day
For those who enjoyed Fraidy Cat's Day but might have found it too hard, Fraidy has a brother, Scaredy, and his day wasn't as hard. I think these cats could use a little therapy!
10 Q
Jul 20 01
27438 plays
2 Fraidy Cat's Day
You know cats have fears too, and this quiz outlines a typical day in the life of Fraidy Cat.
10 Q
Jul 05 01
9885 plays
3 Help Me to Help You!
Welcome to the Career Advisory Service. We're here to help. What's that? You need a job that fits around your phobias? Not a problem! You have how many...?!
10 Q
Aug 05 09
999 plays
4 Interesting Phobias
These are phobias that I had never heard of until I looked them up. No one I know has these crazy phobias!
20 Q
Aug 20 02
13719 plays
5 Phobias of the Rich and Famous
This quiz deals with the phobias of ten world figures who are known to most of us. Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 10 11
1005 plays
6 Phobias
Afraid? Most people are - of something or the other! You are given the name of the phobia. What's it the fear of?
10 Q
Apr 22 00
28713 plays
7 Don't Panic!
There is a phobia for just about anything. This quiz aims to explore some of the more unusual ones.
10 Q
Jan 28 11
486 plays
8 Phobias in Quizzyland
We all enjoy playing our favourite quiz, but for some people the category fills them with dread and fear. Let us take a look around the Fun Trivia site to see if you recognise any of these phobias?
20 Q
Oct 16 12
1035 plays
9 Phobophobia
Phobophobia is the irrational fear of phobias. By the time you have been through this somewhat irreverent look at some of the strange things that scare people, you should know if you have it :) Hopefully, though, I haven't given it to you!
10 Q
Nov 09 13
297 plays
10 Perfectly Peculiar Phobias
Sometimes I wonder just how committed Kyle the Kennel Boy is to his job at Splash's Rest Home For Pampered Pooches. Lately he has been coming in with a doctor's notes saying he has one phobia or another. Some I've never heard of. See if you have.
10 Q
Jun 20 10
822 plays
11 Fear Thy Red X
This quiz is about some weird and obscure phobias. Fear of the dark, spiders, and snakes have no place here. Keep your wits about you as we plunge into fear!
10 Q
Oct 01 09
522 plays
12 There's a Phobia for That
Whatever it is you're afraid of, someone, somewhere, will have given it a posh name and called it a phobia. Here are some of the stranger ones.
10 Q
Apr 06 11
645 plays
13 I have WHAT-aphobia?!
If you have Testophobia (fear of taking tests) or Phobophobia (fear of phobias), I suggest you stay away! Ten patients have stumbled into your office for help with their fears. Can you diagnose them with the right phobia so you can help them?
10 Q
Aug 27 09
963 plays
14 Name that Phobia
I'll tell you the fear, you pick the name of the phobia. And no, I didn't make any of them up - they are all legitimate, clinical phobias!
25 Q
Jan 10 01
12567 plays
15 "B" Phobias
This quiz is on phobias that start with the letter "B". For 5 I'll give you the fear, and you give me the "B" phobia, and for the other 5, I'll give you the "B" Phobia, you give me the fear! Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 29 02
8115 plays
16 Are You Afraid of the ...?
This is my try on the things that we are afraid of. Here, let's try to know the different phobias, some are common while some are not.
10 Q
Jun 17 13
588 plays
17 Is It Me?
Or is there someone else out there with the same phobia? The clue for most answers can be found in the name of the phobia. Thanks to kyleisalive for the inspiration.
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 29 12
795 plays
18 Phobia Mania Insania
Knowing about a phobia is one thing. But knowing how to apply that knowledge is another thing. Lets see how well you do that. Have Fun. Fenix 95
10 Q
Feb 24 11
456 plays
19 Animal Phobias
A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Can you correctly identify which animal each of these ten people are afraid of?
10 Q
Mar 31 12
570 plays
20 A Day with Frenzy the Phobic Fox
In this quiz, you'll get to journey with a fox with many phobias as he encounters several of his fears. Can you figure out what he is afraid of in each situation? There may be "nothing to fear, but fear itself", but Frenzy certainly disagrees. Good luck!
15 Q
May 28 10
429 plays
21 Manias
When people are obsessed with some things , they become maniacs - try and identify the following manias.......
10 Q
Sep 18 02
4413 plays
22 I'm Afraid of Dungeons and Caves!
I don't think there's a phobia for that... although I do have claustrophobia, plus another few hundred other phobias which I don't even know the names of. Can you help me identify them as I make my journey out of this wilderness?
10 Q
Oct 31 12
288 plays
23 I DON'T have a phobia!
Phobias. Some think they're normal, some think they're weird, some think they're bizarre. That said, what kind of phobias do these people NOT have?
10 Q
Sep 02 09
801 plays
24 Everyone's Afraid Of Something
All the people in this quiz are afraid of something. Be a good psychiatrist and figure out their phobias so you can help them.
10 Q
Sep 15 03
7008 plays
25 Phobias: Strange Fears People Have
Can you identify the unusual fears people have? Have Fun!
10 Q
Feb 16 00
8298 plays
26 Purely Psychological Phobias
I am about to take my A-level psychlogy exam ::worry::, and so I decided to set up this quiz on Phobias and their causes, which is actually more intriguing than you would think! A nice little revision excercise for me and a fun quiz for you! Enjoy!
10 Q
May 25 03
6291 plays
27 Phobias Starter
An easy one for those who have fear of difficult questions.
10 Q
Apr 12 11
552 plays
28 Phobias (Don't Be Afraid to Try This Quiz)
The word "phobia" means the the irrational fear of something. It can be a person, place or thing that makes you feel frightened. Caution: If you suffer from atychiphobia, you may want to take a pass, since it's the fear of failure. :-)
15 Q
Aug 26 13
528 plays
29 Phobias of the World
This is a great quiz if you know a lot about psychological phobias. You might want to get a dictionary.
10 Q
Dec 20 10
1113 plays
30 Name that Phobia!
A phobia is an abnormal fear of something. In this quiz I will give you the descriptions of fears (as well as hints!), you give me the names of the phobias. This version will cover A-J phobias.
10 Q
Jul 29 10
1008 plays
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* Automatonophobia is the fear of ?
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* Soceraphobia is the fear of ?
* Placophobia is the fear of ?
* Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of ?

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