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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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121 2B or not 2B ... That is the Pencil.
Everyone has used the humble yet indispensable pencil. Get the lead out and try this quiz about pencil related objects and people.
10 Q
May 18 10
246 plays
122 The Gushiest, Gustiest Quiz Ever
Everything in this quiz is based on words that contain the letters GUS.
10 Q
Sep 30 13
666 plays
123 Never Take Rocks for Granite
Are you expecting a geology quiz? Don't take it for granite! There are lots of other types of 'rock' out there and this quiz will look at a few of them.
10 Q
Jul 28 09
333 plays
124 Follow That Cat
Stray cats, clever cats, detective cats, hepcats. Cats are everywhere. Use your whiskers to feel out the correct answers on these.
10 Q
Apr 05 14
540 plays
125 Planes, Boats, Trains
Three modes of transport is the joining link in this offering from We'd Rather Have Wine for the Amazing Race 2. The quiz concerns planes, boats, and trains. Have fun!
10 Q
Sep 28 13
435 plays
126 "When You Have Sinned Grievously..."
How much do you know about the seven deadly sins? You probably commit some of them every day. Take this tour into the boundaries of Christianity and occult.
10 Q
May 03 11
441 plays
127 I Wrote This Quiz for a Commission
When the European Commission commits to appointing a commissioner to commission a photo of commissioned officers in the commissary, we should really find out what this one word can all be about!
10 Q
Mar 03 10
252 plays
128 Chocolate Solves Everything
Hidden somewhere in the Fun Trivia Categories is one of the biggest chocolate items ever made. Join our hunt and answer the questions, all of which have some relation to chocolate.
10 Q
Oct 13 10
753 plays
129 The Slow Lane
Stop rushing, relax, get off the motorway and slow down. Join me in the slow lane of life.
10 Q
Oct 20 09
378 plays
130 Bob's Escape From the Chocolate Vault
So Bob sneaked into the Vault, bent on secret munchings, but alas, he sprang the trap and there's no escape! Can you solve the clues and help Bob puzzle his way out of the Chocolate Vault before he gives in to temptation and eats until his teeth fall out
10 Q
Apr 29 12
237 plays
131 My Head! It Hurts!
My head hurts trying to keep up with all the technology and inventions that have come my way.
10 Q
May 20 13
249 plays
132 Janet's Jewish Jokes
Enough with all these serious quizzes! If laughter is the best medicine, than this is just what the doctor ordered!
10 Q
Sep 24 07
699 plays
133 The Spells Harry Potter Doesn't Know...
Harry Potter may be getting the finest magical education Hogwarts has to offer, but he doesn't know it all! This quiz covers several spells you won't find in those hallowed halls...
10 Q
Sep 14 09
366 plays
134 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
If we look at a random sampling of popular song titles,we might be led to believe that we are terribly preoccupied with thoughts of time and its passage. Let's take a closer look at some of the music that addresses this popular theme.
10 Q
Feb 26 07
759 plays
135 Crime And Punishment
The 1866 novel "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is now regarded as a classic. This quiz tackles the themes of crime and punishment in literature and popular culture.
10 Q
May 05 11
312 plays
136 Something Smells Around Here!
Don't blame me if this quiz stinks - it's supposed to! Hold your nose and dive into these questions about foul smelling flora, fauna and other "offal" stuff.
10 Q
Jun 11 09
987 plays
137 Here Fishy Fishy
Here are a lot of fishy questions - but your biology book won't help you much. There are many more thing to know about fish that touch other parts of our culture and history.
10 Q
Aug 04 09
465 plays
138 Give the Dog a Bone!
Dogs find their way into everything! Hope you have fun with this one!
10 Q
Jul 14 08
978 plays
139 Party Like It's 2012
These questions all relate to the year 2012 in some way; a year that supposedly signifies the end of the world. Good luck and have fun.
10 Q
Apr 23 11
5619 plays
140 This Means Nothing to Me
This is a quiz literally about "nothing"! I do mean literally. So, jump aboard and see if you know nothing!
10 Q
Jul 24 10
672 plays
141 Guild Lang Syne
Some members of the Guild were sitting around celebrating New Years because...well just because it wasn't New Years Eve. The conversation seemed to turn naturally towards new beginnings, and many strange and wonderful things were discussed.
10 Q
Feb 09 06
378 plays
142 QMG Conclusions: Snow White
Team quiz by Quiz Makers Guild
Another year is done, and the Quiz Makers Guild nearly completed another series, The Seven Dwarfs. But what's a conclusion without a fearless leader? Thus we bring you all things Snow White.
10 Q
Jan 13 14
420 plays
143 Eider Down or Up!
The soft down of the eider duck has traditionally been used for making quilts or pillows; this quiz looks at other uses for feathers.
10 Q
Feb 08 14
225 plays
144 People are Crazy
Welcome to the first quiz to link "people" and "crazy." Here's to hoping that straitjacket doesn't interfere with your typing.
10 Q
Dec 12 09
729 plays
145 Exorcise Your Demons
Take a trip with the Devious Demons and search for your inner demon.
10 Q
Nov 25 09
474 plays
146 The Holly and the Ivy
The questions in this quiz all have a connection to either holly or ivy.
10 Q
Dec 14 09
339 plays
147 The World of Carrots
For untold generations, red-heads have been called "carrot-top". How much do you know about red hair in all its glory?
10 Q
Aug 17 11
369 plays
148 Footloose
This is a kind of sequel to my "Handy Quiz", and it is all about feet of various kinds. A couple of the questions are slightly UK-centred.
10 Q
Dec 20 07
585 plays
149 Not that Blue Screen Again!
Blue Screens, Green Screens, we all scream for these screens. Blue and Green Screens have appeared (or disappeared) with changing technology. See what you know about these different coloured screens and their uses. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 10 10
270 plays
150 All About "Nothing"
Most quizzes are generally about something, however, this one is mostly about "nothing", though "zero" makes its appearance.
10 Q
Apr 03 07
1065 plays
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This is category 15939
Last Updated Dec 03 14 3:26 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Who was the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the late 1990s when the economy was humming along?
* What founding father of the USA pioneered the idea for a national bank?
* Who was Karl Marx's main collabarator on his famous works?
* Whose 'curve' did President Reagan use as the basis for his 'Trickle Down' economic policy?
* Who is considered to be the father of modern economics?

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