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Play Thematic 15 Questions Topic Mash! (experimental)
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 When Oops Just Doesn't Quite Cover It...
People make mistakes. But there are mistakes and MISTAKES. Sometimes people make a mistake so huge, so monumental, that we can only shake our heads. This quiz relates to some of 'em.
15 Q
Dec 11 09
7746 plays
2 Bells Through History!
My school's academic team had a match just a week away, so we needed to be fast on the buzzer! Bells were on our minds -- so see if you can answer these questions about them!
15 Q
Feb 19 00
25725 plays
3 This Quiz Stinks!
Of all my quizzes, this one is certainly the most rancid, fetid, noisome of the bunch! Each of the questions in this quiz deals with something stinky...very stinky! Plug your nose and give it a try!
15 Q
Aug 24 02
16317 plays
4 For Couch Potatoes
Here are some questions based on my favorite sport: channel surfing! You and your trusty remote control will take a tour of some of the channels on your cable box, hopefully learning something along the way.
15 Q
Jan 04 03
21621 plays
5 Wandering the World of Beer and Other Libations
Team quiz by Wandering Quizzers
Come with the Wandering Quizzers as we visit our home countries to discover our favorite liquid refreshments!
Not Rated
15 Q
0 plays
6 What Moves the World
Variations on the Theme of Movement. This quiz explores all kinds of motion - from micro to macro - in science, philosophy, art, sport, literature, and more.
15 Q
Dec 27 08
1635 plays
7 This Is Not a Quiz
What do you call a person with two Ph.D.'s? A Paradox! Here's a whole quiz related to that theme. Or maybe it's not.
15 Q
Dec 16 09
1020 plays
8 Ships that Never Really Were
"They that go down to the sea in ships" have figured in literature since before the Psalms of David were written. Test your knowledge of fictional ships with this quiz.
15 Q
Aug 26 07
1437 plays
9 The Chain Gang Walks the Plank
This is a "Pirate" quiz made by some of the members of The Chain Gang. All questions have a pirate theme. Good luck and have fun, mateys! Arrrrr!
15 Q
Apr 12 08
894 plays
10 A Really Poopy Quiz
There are many terms for fecal matter, including the one in the title of this quiz. This substance is an important part of the cycle of life. Let's see what you know about this common but often misunderstood substance.
15 Q
Feb 22 11
819 plays
11 Bosko's Bubbles Bonanza
Some bubbles caught my attention earlier today, and once I started seeing them, I couldn't help but notice them everywhere. This quiz is the result!
15 Q
Oct 17 08
744 plays
12 Spiders in Fact, Fiction, Fable and Football.
Miss Muffet and spider were wed; They retired to the honeymoon bed; Didn't her jaw half drop; When out came his laptop; "Come on, do these quizzes", he said. -- The quiz is based on spiders in prose, song, film, field, the lab and the web.
15 Q
Oct 21 09
483 plays
13 Whose Cat Is That?
Cats are all over the place - in movies, on television, in cartoons, in our homes, etc. See if you can make the right cat connections in this quiz. All multiple choice.
15 Q
Feb 27 09
3042 plays
14 Cats that Never Really Were
Cats figure in all manner of fictional works: novels, plays, short stories, movies, television, paintings, and song lyrics. Test your knowledge of fictional cats by taking this quiz.
15 Q
Jan 28 07
1287 plays
15 What Am I (Part Two)?
Using the nine letters on the centre line of your keyboard (ASDFGHJKL), answer the following questions. Each letter may only be used once in each question apart from the letter 'a'. The first letter of each answer is given in the clue. Have fun.
15 Q
Dec 26 03
3753 plays
16 Beat The Crooks: Crime Prevention For All
There's always someone ready to part you from your hard-earned cash. Test how well prepared you are to avoid the attentions of criminals.
15 Q
Jun 20 09
2598 plays
17 Fifteen Minutes and "Count"ing
This quiz has 15 questions about Counts and Countesses. Some are about specific people, some are about fictional characters and some may just be about the word "count". Come play the quiz and then we will "count" up your score!
15 Q
Mar 17 11
555 plays
18 Furred, Fleaed and Feathered Fictional Friends
Team quiz by Dream Weavers
We all have our special and favorite fictional mascots - whether a Klingon targ, Mr. Ed or Charlotte. They may be earth-bound or interstellar, from the silver screen, the small screen, kindle or song. Come see if your favorite is here.
15 Q
Mar 03 12
600 plays
19 Spies 'R' Us: Fiction's Finest Secret Agents
Spying has been described as "the second oldest profession". It's long been a favourite subject for writers and movie makers. How many of these fictional spies can you spot?
15 Q
Mar 01 08
786 plays
20 Mayhem, Murderers and Femme Fatales
History, movies, and even the Bible are full of criminals. Their misdeeds have lived on long after their deaths. Following is an eclectic group of fifteen crimes and criminals...see how many you can remember.
15 Q
Dec 14 11
657 plays
21 Joliettes United and Unleashed
In a collective moment of madness, some of the Joliettes decided to get together and create a quiz. All the Joliettes named in the quiz have contributed questions based on their usernames or locations and have produced the following mixed bag. Have fun
15 Q
Aug 23 06
705 plays
22 What's What?
How many of these things with the word "what" in them do you know something about?
15 Q
Nov 13 13
501 plays
23 Degrees of Understanding
In this quiz we examine how some 'degrees' are used. You can have a degree; you can even have 98.6 degrees or more. Do you have an understanding of degrees, or a degree of understanding? Quiz away!
15 Q
Dec 20 13
465 plays
24 What Am I (Part One)?
Using only the ten letters at the top of your keyboard (QWERTYUIOP), answer the following questions. Each letter may only be used once in each question. The first letter is given in the clue. Have fun.
15 Q
Nov 08 03
3972 plays
25 Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?
As an Author Lounge-commissioned title taken from the oh, so luscious "Rocky Horror Picture Show", I have found 15 points of interest in history and culture relating to Saturday Night. "I see you shiver with antici...pation", so let's get started.
15 Q
Jul 27 11
462 plays
26 It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Team quiz by Scotland the Brains
The title speaks for itself - how many times in life do we find ourselves in a situation thinking "It seemed like a good idea at the time"? Will this be another of those occasions?
15 Q
Apr 15 10
612 plays
27 Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
People celebrate various dates for various reasons. Come and join the party! (Based on celebrations in the US and Canada).
15 Q
Nov 09 10
807 plays
28 All About Honey
This latest "all about" quiz looks at phrases involving the term "honey"--the term of endearment. As usual, there will be examples of titles, phrases and definitions. Enjoy this sweet quiz.
15 Q
Nov 18 09
534 plays
29 I Should Coco
To celebrate the first birthday of Coco, the Chocolate Labrador that shares this mad corner of the Funtrivia kingdom, here are 15 questions based on the words coco or cocoa.
15 Q
Apr 17 09
453 plays
30 Things I Hate
Most people, including myself, make quizzes about things they like. For a change of pace, I decided to make a quiz about things I hate!
15 Q
Jan 23 05
5457 plays
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This is category 15930
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Which famous psychologist studied conditioned responses by ringing bells whenever he fed a group of dogs?
* According to the Christmas carol, 'Silver Bells,' when you 'hear them ring' what sound will you hear?
* According to the Christmas song 'Carol of the Bells' what 'is their song'?
* What word is used to refer to the pre-Civil War U.S. South?
* One of these words can complete two common expressions: "______ of bells" and "_____ of laughter." Which word is it?

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