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Play Professions on TV Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Television Valets, Maids and Butlers
Many television series featured maids, valets or butlers as regulars in the cast. This quiz deals with some of the roles and actors who played them.
10 Q
Jun 23 09
1350 plays
2 All My Vampires
Vampires are always going strong with the audience, now more than ever. Little wonder that there have been a number of TV shows over the past few years that deal with those creatures of the night. Can you identify them all?
10 Q
Nov 22 11
537 plays
3 Television Shows Featuring Military Characters
Although the military is not often featured in television programs, some of the greats have been. This quiz will focus on the characters and the shows they came from.
10 Q
Feb 28 10
918 plays
4 Emcee, Squared
Emcees (MC's), or Masters of Ceremonies, have often been necessary to make sure certain television shows run smoothly. They can make or break a broadcast. Here are some of the more famous MC's, or hosts, of various types of programs in TV history.
10 Q
Jan 05 15
231 plays
5 No Time for Sergeants
A surprising number of classic TV comedies feature soldiers and the armed forces. Every military has its share of the sergeant -- you know the people who actually do the work. In this quiz, we will explore some of the funniest sergeants from TV's past.
10 Q
Jul 24 14
378 plays
6 Watch Your Spelling
Witches, wizards and warlocks seek to draw your attention to the small screen. See if you can identify which witch is which.
10 Q
Nov 26 12
366 plays
7 TV Jobs
In this quiz, I will give you a character from a television show and you will choose his or her correct occupation.
10 Q
Feb 09 08
2031 plays
8 Help Wanted: Made-for-TV Maids
Whether they were referred to as a butler, domestic engineer, hired help, housekeeper, maid, nanny, or part-time parent, all were considered a member of the family! Choose your favorite in my quiz about helpful housekeepers.
10 Q
Jun 08 09
789 plays
9 Monsters are Such Interesting People!
This quiz is based on the television monster offerings I had a child of the 1960-1970s. Monsters have come a long way since then.
10 Q
Feb 11 12
378 plays
10 Write All About It
Writers and writing turn up on television more often than you might think, and this quiz explores ten such occasions. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 15 12
258 plays
11 TV Dinners
How many of these fictional chefs and cooks from television series do you know?
10 Q
Jul 19 10
858 plays
12 Take a Memo
Secretaries and receptionists keep on-screen offices running smoothly. See what you remember about the characters from these classic TV shows.
10 Q
May 23 12
477 plays
13 Write to the Point
Here's a little mix for you with a common bond of writing. I hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
May 03 14
294 plays
14 If Anything, They're Flexible
So you're a skilled surgeon, a master chef or an art dealer but it's not enough for you. But hey, you're multi-skilled, why not be an amateur detective or a spy. He's a look at some television sleuths who have risen above their chosen profession.
10 Q
Jan 21 15
393 plays
15 Careers of American TV Show Characters
Guess the characters and/or their careers from the clues in the questions.
10 Q
Mar 01 11
567 plays
16 Who's the Vampire
During the past years, there have been several TV series involving vampires. Have you been watching? I will name the vampire character. Let's see if you can select the series that he/she was/is in.
10 Q
Oct 14 09
738 plays
17 TV Jobs
I'll give you the TV character's name you tell me what job they had.
15 Q
Nov 13 01
7158 plays
18 TV Astronauts
See what you know about these men who travel in space, or the shows that they're in.
10 Q
May 01 07
498 plays
19 Famous TV Teachers
Some think of school as boring, but as in real life TV teachers can be anything but. Especially this bunch. So class get your pencils ready for the pop quiz, and GO!
10 Q
Oct 01 11
585 plays
20 "Bringin' Home The Bacon!"
Even in TV land someone has to bring home the paycheck. Can you guess the mom or dad's occupation from these popular sitcoms? Have fun and don't work too hard!
10 Q
May 29 03
3825 plays
21 TV Lawyers
A quiz about lawyers portrayed on American television
10 Q
Feb 12 01
3006 plays
22 TV Character Occupations
Just like their real-world counterparts, characters on TV typically have some sort of job. Your job, in this case, is to figure out which characters held which jobs.
10 Q
Nov 13 04
1920 plays
23 Cop, Fed, Spook or Squint?- Part 1
This quiz centers around various crime based TV shows, and the characters (or actors) playing specific roles. Identify the TV show, or identify who are cops, federal agents, spies or "squints" (ie: Forensic/medical examiners, scientists, etc).
10 Q
Jun 13 12
303 plays
24 TV Teachers
Listed are teachers that were characters on different TV shows. Match them up with the TV shows listed. All multiple choice!
10 Q
Oct 13 00
2517 plays
25 Same Actor, Different Series and Profession
Welcome to the double-tap quiz. Tap #1 - figure out the correct series, then tap #2 - answer the question. Have fun and good luck.
15 Q
Jan 14 15
333 plays
26 TV Characters And Their Jobs
This quiz is about the television jobs that some characters have had. Just select the appropriate answer for the questions given.
10 Q
Nov 20 00
9039 plays
27 Anthropologists on TV
This is a challenge quiz, because people don't hear nearly enough about anthropologists on television. Seriously.
10 Q
Jan 25 10
243 plays
28 TV Places of Employment
This quiz deals with TV shows from the 50's to the 90's and where that the people worked. Good luck!
25 Q
Jun 20 02
1617 plays
This is category 9473
Last Updated Feb 26 15 5:56 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Dr. Adam Bricker handled medical concerns on this show.
* Dr. David Zorba was featured for five years as the mentor of a younger doctor on what series?
* Dr. Leonard McCoy was the chief medical person on _____.
* Richard Chamberlain, 'king' of TV mini-series, played this title doctor in a regular TV series (1961-66):
* Which of the following characters is NOT a doctor on 'ER'?

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