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Play Final Fantasy VIII Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 "Final Fantasy 8" for Experts
How well do you know "Final Fantasy 8" (PS1)? Let's find out! All questions are based on the UK version of the game.
15 Q
Nov 14 07
1308 plays
2 "Final Fantasy VIII" Monsters
Hi, this is a quiz about the monsters in "Final Fantasy VIII" for the Playstation. I will give a description of the monster and you must identify it. Good luck!
25 Q
Jun 23 05
2823 plays
3 "Final Fantasy VIII" Master's Degree
Well, this is it. The ultimate "Final Fantasy VIII" quiz! All questions are based on the UK version of the game for the PS1. Warning! May contain spoilers!
25 Q
Nov 27 07
1359 plays
4 "Final Fantasy VIII" Sidequests
This is my first quiz on FunTrivia, written based on the PlayStation version of "Final Fantasy VIII". You surely have paid attention to the plot and main events, but have you done the optional tasks?
10 Q
Nov 20 08
579 plays
5 "Final Fantasy VIII" Character Quiz
This is my first basic quiz about the characters of "Final Fantasy VIII". They will be describing themselves and you have to guess who they are.
10 Q
Oct 20 07
2310 plays
6 Squall Leonhart
Squall is the hero of "Final Fantasy 8" (PS1). Those who have played the game will have no problems. May contain spoilers!
10 Q
Jun 15 07
1524 plays
7 Final Fantasy 8
This is the "Final Fantasy 8" game for PS1. This is one of my favorite video games and I want to see how much people know about it. Warning: This may contain spoilers.
10 Q
Mar 02 08
1416 plays
8 Selphie Tilmitt
This "Final Fantasy VIII" quiz is dedicated to my cousin who is similar to Selphie in every way. "Final Fantasy VIII" is playable on PS1/PS2.
15 Q
Jun 28 07
774 plays
9 SeeD Exam [1]
This is my first quiz on here, and it's to see how much you know about this amazing game from the greatest gaming franchise on the planet. All questions are from "Final Fantasy VIII's" PlayStation version. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*
10 Q
Feb 01 11
213 plays
10 Quistis Trepe
Test your knowledge about Quistis. Quistis is in the game, 'Final Fantasy VIII' (PS1).
10 Q
Jul 18 07
663 plays
11 The Who am I "Final Fantasy VIII" GFs
This quiz is on the game "Final Fantasy VIII" for the Playstation. How well do you know the GFs? May contain spoilers!
Very Easy
10 Q
Oct 24 05
2856 plays
12 "Final Fantasy VIII" GFs
This quiz is on "Final Fantasy VIII" for the Playstation 1. It will test your knowledge on the GFs, enjoy and please rate the quiz!
10 Q
May 05 06
1671 plays
13 "Final Fantasy VIII" Mixture
Just fifteen short questions on various things from the world of "Final Fantasy VIII" for the Playsation 1. Please Enjoy!
15 Q
Mar 28 12
165 plays
14 "Final Fantasy VIII" for PS
Here's another quiz on the game "Final Fantasy VIII" for the Playstation.
15 Q
Oct 30 05
2049 plays
15 "Final Fantasy 8" (PS1)
Just some basic questions about the game "Final Fantasy 8" for the PS1 console.
10 Q
May 04 09
411 plays
16 The Legendary Laguna Loire
Laguna is my second favorite male character in "Final Fantasy VIII" (PS1). See how much you know about this legendary man.
10 Q
Jul 10 07
642 plays
17 Final Fantasy VIII
My 3rd "Final Fantasy" quiz...have fun with it.
10 Q
Majin Bill
Sep 24 04
2562 plays
18 Final Fantasy 8
I hope you like this quiz. It's all about "Final Fantasy 8". SPOILERS MAY BE INCLUDED! This is for the PSX.
10 Q
Sep 19 05
2616 plays
19 Final Fantasy 8
This is a quiz on 'Final Fantasy 8' which will test you to see if you were paying attention to the details! It is recommended that you have completed the game before answering this quiz, but as if I could really stop you. :)
20 Q
Nov 01 00
6486 plays
20 "Final Fantasy VIII": Played It?
"Final Fantasy VIII" for the PS1 is still my favourite game of the series. Let's see how much attention you paid!
10 Q
Jan 25 06
1305 plays
21 "Final Fantasy VIII" Triple Triad
This is a quiz designed to test your basic (and not so basic) knowledge of the "Final Fantasy VIII" minigame "Triple Triad" for the PS1.
10 Q
Feb 18 13
117 plays
22 Final Fantasy 8
This quiz is about "Final Fantasy 8". The PSX version was used. This quiz may contain spoilers.
10 Q
Apr 15 05
1983 plays
23 "Final Fantasy VIII" Examination
A quick test of your knowledge of one of the finest games ever to grace the Playstation... how much do you know?
10 Q
Jul 27 10
267 plays
24 "Final Fantasy VIII" PhD
Due to a request, I've made a third 'Final Fantasy VIII" quiz. As usual, all questions will be based on the UK version of the game, for the PS1.
15 Q
Dec 13 07
900 plays
25 Balamb Garden: Where am I?
You are new and exploring Balamb Garden. ("Final Fantasy VIII", PS1).
10 Q
Aug 04 07
639 plays
26 'Final Fantasy VIII' Master Trivia
Hello and welcome to the ultimate 'Final Fantasy VIII' quiz for Playstation 1. You will be tested on a lot of things in the game and only the experienced will get a perfect score. Try your best!
20 Q
Jul 06 06
1215 plays
27 Final Fantasy 8
This is a quiz on 'Final Fantasy 8'.
10 Q
Jun 10 01
6081 plays
28 "Final Fantasy VIII" Items
Hi, this is a quiz about items in the game "Final Fantasy VIII" for the playstation. How big of a fan are you of "Final Fantasy VIII"?
15 Q
Apr 05 05
1185 plays
29 The Final Fantasy
This is a quiz about "Final Fantasy VIII" on the PS1 and all of its plot lines. If you have played it enough times then you should find this quiz pretty easy.
10 Q
Jan 12 06
1446 plays
30 Final Fantasy VIII
The following questions are from the Playstation version of "Final Fantasy VIII" and cover a wide variety of subjects found on the first disc.
10 Q
Jul 10 05
1545 plays
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This is category 12249
Last Updated Jan 07 15 1:00 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* On Disc One, your first mission as a SeeD is to assist the Forest Owls in capturing the President of Galbadia. President Deling, however, has used a decoy, a zombie named... what?
* From which one of these monsters is it possible to draw a Meltdown spell from?
* At which place in Esthar will you find the Solomon ring?
* Which of these characters has Quezacotl's card?
* Which one of these abilities can be learned by Angelo in Rinoa's limit break?

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