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'The Amazing Race 3' Pit Stops Quiz

Created by digimon02

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The Amazing Race 3 Pit Stops Quiz game quiz
"Through thirteen legs in the race. From Miami to Seattle. This quiz is about the pit stops the teams once checked in. Go!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The starting point of the race was at Miccosukees Indian Village, Everglades, Florida, USA. It is a cultural center of Miccosukees Indian. Cook Chickee, is one of many places located in the village, what is it?
    Giant wooden house
    Star-shaped fireplace
    Alligator swamp
    Indian restaurant

2. After a flight to Mexico City, all the teams moved to the first pit stop of 'The Amazing Race 3', Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas. What was it used to be in the Colonial time?
    Mayan hideaway
    Franciscan monastery

3. The second pitstop was at Diamante K Bungalows, Tulum, Mexico. The first team to check in was Derek and Drew. The bungalows are located above the ruins of the Mayan ancient city, which is why the letter K was used, just to honoring whom?
    Mayan god of the sea
    Mayan god of the sand
    Mayan god of the sun
    Mayan god of the wind

4. Later, from punting to Highland Games, the third pit stop was at Dunnottar Castle, which was once the location for one of the Mel Gibson's films, what is the film's name?
    We Were Soldiers
    The Patriot

5. Then all 9 teams departed Scotland to Portugal, where the fourth pit stop of 'The Amazing Race 3' was located, Torre De Beléem, as known as "Tower of Belem". The tower is used to be a prison and waterfront fortress. Name the river this tower located at.
    Cabo da Roca

6. The next stop in the fifth leg of the race was at Borj Nord, Fez, Morocco. This old XVIth century fortress now is a museum. What kind of museum is it?
    Museum of Moroccan Arts
    American Legation Museum
    Natural Science Museum
    Weapons Museum

7. In leg 6, Aaron and Arianne, friends team from New York, got eliminated from the race at Riad Catalina, an ancient, traditional guesthouse in Marrakesh, Morocco. Riads and guesthouses in Marrakesh are classified depending on decorating style, services, facilities and of course, price. What sign do they use to classify riads or guesthouses?

8. Back to Europe once again, where the next location was at Germany and the pit stop of leg 7, Neuschwanstein Castle, the most famous of three royal palaces built for Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as Fairy Tale's Castle. As Disneyland tourists can see the castle in the park modeled on Neuschwanstein Castle, what is that castle's name?
    It's A Small World Castle
    Disney's Neuschwanstein Castle
    Wonderland's Castle
    Sleeping Beauty Castle

9. The next destination moved from Fussen to Switzerland in the glacier village of Grindelwald, where the eighth pit stop, Chalet Arnika, a wooden Swiss house located at the foot of the Alps. Every January Grindelwald is host to an international Snow Festival on the natural ice-rink in the village centre which is started in 1983 with a snow-carved Heidi. Which nationality are those artists who carved it in the certain year?
    New Zealander

10. The ninth pit stop of 'The Amazing Race' was at Steamship Savoie on the Lake Geneva. The lake used to be called by many names given, which, in this following, is not a name given for Lake Geneva?
    Lacus Lemanus
    Lac d'Ouchy
    La Cote

11. The pit stop for leg 10 moved to Mount Faber, Singapore. It offers a panoramic view of Singapore Harbour and Sentosa Island. Also the place where you can catch one unique transportation to Sentosa, what is it?
    Cable car

12. All 4 teams left departed Singapore to Vietnam, where the eleventh pit stop of the race located, Thu Thiem Cafe, at the riverside of Saigon River. Thu Thiem is a district of Ho Chi Minh where which building was destroyed by authorities on July 1, 2000?
    Former prime minister's house
    Protestant church
    Central Hospital
    Thu Thiem harbour

13. The twelfth leg of the race began with three teams left, Flo & Zach, Teri & Ian and Ken & Gerard. The final pit stop of the race located at China Beach, Danang, Vietnam. Used to be a place for resting for American soldiers during Vietnam War. The name "China Beach" is also a TV series, the show won many awards. Name the actress that won 'Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series' award.
    Concetta Tomei
    Dana Delany
    Marg Helgenberger
    Nan Woods

14. The finish line of "The Amazing Race 3" was at Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington, USA. The park site is a former coal gasification plant owned by which company?
    Gas Works Co.
    Seattle Gas Co.
    Gas Park Co.
    Seattle Park Co.

15. The last question: Which in this following is not one of twelve pit stops in "The Amazing Race 3"? (check 14 questions above!)
    Mount Faber
    Gletscherschlucht Lodge
    Dunnottar Castle
    Riad Catalina

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