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USA Mixed Sports

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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Sports Moments Nicknames
I love sports. The memories of past still live today, with ESPN Classic, books, etc. Among some of sport's greatest moments also come some memorable sports nicknames. This quiz is dedicated to some of the moments that created the most memorable nicknames
10 Q
Jul 18 02
8859 plays
2 Razzle Dazzle
Razzle dazzle is defined as a showy activity designed to attract attention. In sports, deceptive plays designed to fool opponents are called razzle dazzle. Here are ten questions from American sports where razzle dazzle was used to trick opponents.
Not Rated
10 Q
6 plays
3 Ten Different Sports
In this quiz, there will be a question about ten different sports, or the athletes that excelled in them. You do not have to be a sports nut to play this quiz.
10 Q
Nov 28 12
1167 plays
4 Period Lengths of Various Sports
Here's a quiz for fans of all sports. Do you know how long each sport's periods are? Questions do not include overtime scenarios.
10 Q
Dec 03 14
219 plays
5 USA in the Blender
A variety of USA sports ingredients thrown into a blender. Have fun.
10 Q
Nov 24 14
273 plays
6 The Name Of The Game
I'll give you four words or phrases associated with a game, you tell me which one it is. If you can get it based on the first word only, you're really good. If it takes all four words, you probably need to watch more 'Wide World Of Sports'.
10 Q
Dec 04 10
3237 plays
7 Name the Sport : USA
All multiple choice about some USA known sports stars, for you to identify which sport they were associated with. Good luck.
10 Q
Apr 22 09
3279 plays
8 Sports for Non-Sports People
Some people simply are not interested in sports - not that there's anything wrong with that! This quiz is for them. If you have ever so much as looked at a US sportspage, you should be able to do pretty well on this quiz.
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 30 14
807 plays
9 Defunct American Sports Leagues
In their day, some of these leagues were very popular. Their collective demises came from various causes: league mergers, lack of funding, changing demographics, etc. Play this quiz and find out more!
10 Q
Aug 09 04
1158 plays
10 Clutch Plays and Players
The highlights will forever replay in the hearts and minds of sports fans. From the heartpounding moment of truth to the triumphant victory celebration, these are some of those spectacular moments. How many do you remember?
25 Q
Dec 27 01
3759 plays
11 A Whisk of USA Sports
A mix of USA sports in all multiple choice. This might be a little tough one. I hope you enjoy it. :)
10 Q
May 27 11
549 plays
12 I Didn't Hear You
Whether they are rants from the coaches, the players, meltdowns or trash talk, this quiz is about some memorable soundbites in sports.
10 Q
Nov 22 14
210 plays
13 Did They Really Say That? Memorable Sports Quotes
There is nothing like the drama of a live sporting event to create memorable description and reaction. See if you remember who came up with these quotations about the games we love.
10 Q
Nov 15 14
264 plays
14 USA Mixed Soup
All multiple choice about a mixture of USA sports. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)
10 Q
Aug 03 09
1026 plays
15 Oh, Yes I Did
This quiz is trivia about some amazing moments in United States sports history.
10 Q
May 24 13
309 plays
16 Stay in Your Seats!
Sports are amazing spectacles to watch because they put the best athletes against each other, but occasionally fans get a little too into the game. These are some of the most famous instances of fan involvement.
10 Q
Jun 06 09
405 plays
17 USA Sports Stew w/o Carrots
A mix of some USA sports thrown into a pot without carrots. I hope you have fun with it. :)
10 Q
May 26 11
444 plays
18 Sticks, Bats, Balls and Nets
These ten famous North American sports figures are in either the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, National Baseball Hall of Fame, or Pro Football Hall of Fame. Your job is to determine which sport they played to get there.
10 Q
Jul 31 12
657 plays
19 You Are Banned From Playing!
Some of the more infamous people banned from American professional sports. Not necessarily lifetime bans but banned nonetheless.
10 Q
Dec 26 13
435 plays
20 Sports With Balls
All multiple choice about some USA sports that are played with balls. I hope you enjoy it. :)
10 Q
May 19 11
546 plays
21 Know Your Hall of Fame Locations
The quiz does feature venues that are located in the U.S.A.
10 Q
Feb 22 14
369 plays
22 Sports Soundbites
This quiz deals with some of the most memorable sports quotes, sound bites and announcer calls of all time. See how many you remember. Good luck.
10 Q
Aug 17 12
384 plays
23 USA Mixed Sports
All multiple choice about some USA sports. Let's see how diversified of a sports fan you are. I hope you enjoy it. :)
10 Q
Jan 10 11
627 plays
24 USA Sports Trophies
An all multiple choice quiz about some of the awards and trophies awarded in different American sports settings. Enjoy it! :-)
10 Q
Jul 02 08
1296 plays
25 Some Shots in the Dark
This is a quiz about some of the best shots and some of the most memorable plays in sports history.
10 Q
May 30 11
243 plays
26 Scandals in Sports
I used to watch Sports Center on ESPN as an escape, and to get away from the news that could otherwise be known as the "bad news". Unfortunately, Sports Center is the business for big ratings and acts like the news now. Scandals are on and off the field.
10 Q
Dec 14 07
912 plays
27 Athletes & Sports Personalities Born In 1954
I share something with all of the athletes who represent the correct answers. That one thing may, indeed, be the extent of what we have in common! We were all born in the calendar year 1954.
10 Q
Aug 02 14
270 plays
28 USA Mixed Sports!
A quiz about a mixture of sports in the USA. Good luck.
10 Q
Jan 27 09
531 plays
29 USA Sports All Mixed Up
A mix of sports in the USA with pictures as clues. I hope you enjoy this in all multiple choice. You're on your own! :)
10 Q
Apr 14 11
1959 plays
30 Let's Make a Deal
Here we revisit some of the biggest deals in sports history. Would you have made the trade?
10 Q
Jul 05 13
507 plays
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* What drink company uses such spokespersons as Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, and Peyton Manning?
* How many goals in hockey is a hat trick?
* The fans known as the Cameron Crazies are from what school?
* What team won the most World Series pennants in the 20th century?
* The 'Dog Pound' is located in which NFL city?

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