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1 Picture in Picture
Here is how this works. I'll give you a picture as a clue, tell you the network and years the television program was on the air. You will tell me the name of the US or UK television show. Ready? Great, so lets get started.
10 Q
Dec 16 14
450 plays
2 Can You Picture the TV Show?
Can you identify ten television shows from the picture hints provided?
10 Q
Dec 06 14
834 plays
3 What Show?
Your task is to work out the TV show from the photo clue and description. All shows were first shown or were available on American TV after 2000.
10 Q
Dec 03 14
492 plays
4 Name the TV Show in 2 Clues and a Picture
I will give you two clues along with the photo. Your job is to guess what TV show I am talking about.
10 Q
Dec 01 14
639 plays
5 A Pictorial Guide to Television Programs
Use the pictures to help you identify the television shows. All of the shows premiered no earlier than 1999.
10 Q
Jun 16 11
15396 plays
6 Famous Final Episodes
Can you name these television shows based on what happened in their famous final episodes?
10 Q
Jun 17 10
8652 plays
7 The Last Picture Show
If I tell you about the last appearance of one or more significant characters on a television show, can you name the show?
10 Q
Jun 09 12
8139 plays
8 Abandonment Issues
It's a beautiful thing when a viewer forms a deep connection with a television show -- until that show gets canceled. Test your knowledge of ten US shows that left their fans with abandonment issues.
10 Q
Nov 06 12
1047 plays
9 Not in Front of the Children!
Like movies, TV shows are rated based on content, and, like movies, there are many TV shows that are not appropriate for young viewers. Can you identify these ten shows that you should probably enjoy after the kids have gone to bed?
10 Q
Feb 12 11
3264 plays
10 Old TV Show Intros
I will describe part of the introduction of an old television show and you name the show.
10 Q
Jul 07 11
4881 plays
11 There's a First for Everything
A TV series has to start with a pilot episode, and some pilots are more famous than others. Name these famous TV shows based on their very first episodes. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 05 14
741 plays
12 Growing Up With Television Shows
In this quiz, I will ask you to identify the titles of television shows with the word or letters "up" somewhere in the title. For example, "group" would suffice as the letters "up" are embedded in the word.
10 Q
Nov 26 12
1773 plays
13 Prime Time Crime
All of the police shows in this quiz were shown on American TV. How many do you remember?
10 Q
Jul 04 12
1983 plays
14 The More, The Merrier
One great thing about TV is relating to the characters. Some shows, however, toss everything they have into a stellar ensemble cast comprised of every possible figure under the sun. Can you name these shows with ensemble casts? Good luck!
10 Q
May 13 12
1074 plays
15 Under Moonlight & Mental Knots
Four television shows as four possible answers, one of them has to be right. Go for it.
10 Q
Aug 18 12
561 plays
16 Defining Moments in TV
There are lots of TV shows that have classic episodes or moments that last in our memories for years. Let's see if you recognize these ones!
15 Q
Oct 17 07
9252 plays
17 Characters In Crime
I'll give you three characters from a law enforcement drama and you pick which show they appear in. All choices are an answer to one of the questions.
10 Q
Jan 10 09
3471 plays
18 GG's "G" TV Quiz
Can you identify these ten TV shows starting with the letter G? Shows are of varying genres. Have fun!
10 Q
Apr 07 12
1020 plays
19 A Sitcom For Every Season
A quiz spanning decades of great sitcoms. There are literally 20 years of sitcoms in one quiz. I give a description, you give the name!
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 22 09
7353 plays
20 TV Shows By Christmas Episode
Can you identify the television show based on a description of one of its Christmas episodes?
10 Q
Dec 15 13
810 plays
21 TV - Nine Beginnings, One Ending
Many TV programs were immediately recognizable by either a narration at the beginning of the show or the theme song lyric. Can you identify these classic shows? Good luck,
10 Q
Dec 23 07
4395 plays
22 Women of American Television
Women have played a powerful role in American television. All of the questions in this quiz refer to some of the most memorable examples. You need to name the show.
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 06 11
1461 plays
23 Choice Shows By Network
Do you watch a particular network just for one or two favorite programs? I know I do. See if you can name my favorite shows, given their networks and a little hint or two.
10 Q
Aug 09 09
1623 plays
24 The Sad Life of a Couch
The rest of the world does not realize how rough the life of a couch really is. Besides having close, intimate relationships with people's bottoms, we are forced to watch some really awful television.
10 Q
Nov 15 11
1254 plays
25 TV - Eight Beginnings, Two Endings
For many television series, the premise of the show is explained in a short monologue, or opening theme song. Can you identify these shows? How about two shows with information at the end? Good luck.
10 Q
Jan 12 08
3213 plays
26 TV - Seven Beginnings, Three Endings
For the true Television "junkie" (like me), this is the third installment of this quiz. All you have to do is identify the TV series based in the narrative description in the question. Good luck.
10 Q
Oct 23 08
2238 plays
27 Oh, I Loved That Show!
I'll describe some favorite shows that are not readily available on TV anymore. Choose the name of the shows. Maybe this will bring back fond memories for you and you can start a list of your own.
10 Q
Jan 23 11
2700 plays
28 All Good Things Must Come to an End
No matter how good a show a television series is, it must come to an end (whether through cancellation or simply ending its run). Here are ten shows that have ended their run of episodes.
10 Q
Jun 24 13
2490 plays
29 Which TV Show is That?
I will describe a television show, and you will tell me what show it is.
10 Q
Jan 23 10
5796 plays
30 Almost Forgotten TV Shows
This quiz is about some of the shows I used to watch as a kid in the 1980s and 1990s. How many of them do you remember?
10 Q
Jul 25 08
4380 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* On what TV show did Rick Schroder star as a child?
* What short lived TV show starred Jonathan Winters and Randy Quaid?
* What show starred Ted Knight and Jim J Bullock?
* On what show was Ann Romano a character?
* On what show did Tom Hanks regularly dress as a woman?

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