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Images Used in This Quiz

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FunTrivia allows users to upload images that they have the rights to use in their quizzes for "fair use" purposes. FunTrivia does not sell or redistribute these photo quizzes -- they are available only on the FunTrivia website for personal use by our visitors.

We allow users to upload photos they own themselves, photos in the public domain, and photos that have been made available for display by their original owners under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The uploading user acknowledges that he/she has rights to use the uploaded images.

If one of our users has uploaded an image that you own the rights to and that you do not want displayed on our website, please contact us, and we will promptly remove it from use (reference quiz #401161).

Please do not duplicate or copy any images contained in this quiz without first verifying the current status and rights of all images. Ownership of these images remains with their respective original rights holders.

Question #1Creative Commons: Attribution License, author: Jan Tik
Question #2Creative Commons: Attribution License, author: Jakemete
Question #3Pixabay License, author: Nel Botha
Question #4Public Domain Image, author: Emil Doepler
Question #5Public Domain Image, author: a follower of Gentile Bellini
Question #6Creative Commons: Attribution License, author: NASA Universe
Question #7Public Domain Image, author: James Justus Tucker
Question #8Creative Commons: Attribution License, author: Dave Proffer
Question #9Public Domain Image, author: unknown
Question #10Public Domain Image, author: William Blake