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1 Dramatic Childhood
"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree" is a popular saying. Otherwise stated, the events of the early years often have a huge impact on the course of a life. Here are some famous people who have experienced early drama in their lives.
10 Q
Mar 27 04
5022 plays
2 Call Me Al
This quiz is about people who could all have said "Call Me Al".
10 Q
126 plays
3 The Eccentricities of the Rich and/or Famous
This is a quiz on some fascinating people who are noteworthy for a variety of unusual reasons. While you may have heard of some of these people I bet you may be surprised at some of their antics. Some were rich, some were famous, and some were both.
10 Q
Sep 25 09
1026 plays
4 Facts on Famous People
Here are ten interesting facts on people who have made their mark on the world. Have fun!
10 Q
Jun 06 12
1239 plays
5 Quirks of the Rich and Famous
This is a quiz which deals with the personal quirks of ten well known world figures. Have fun :)
10 Q
Jan 16 11
1422 plays
6 The Mental Health of Beautiful Minds
There can be a fine line between severe mental illness and genius. Can you spot the mighty minds by their mental issues?
10 Q
Nov 17 07
4458 plays
7 Rejected
Everybody receives rejections at some point in their lives. It's how you respond to them that defines your character.
10 Q
Jul 25 11
921 plays
8 The Richest of the Rich
Throughout history, few people have been able to attain massive amounts of wealth. These are the 10 richest people in the history of the world (according to Forbes magazine in 2008 and adjusted for 2007 inflation in US dollars).
10 Q
Jul 09 09
1308 plays
9 It Could Be Worse...
Twists of fate. Ironic chains of events. Here is a quiz about real people who somehow avoided being killed or ruined in famous disasters.
10 Q
Sep 30 11
795 plays
10 All The Money in the World...
They say that money cannot buy you happiness. Here is a quiz on some famous and/or wealthy people who might agree.
10 Q
Jun 13 11
885 plays
11 10 Famous Blind People
All of these individuals lost their eyesight at some point during their lives, but continued to pursue their careers despite their disabilities. This quiz celebrates them.
10 Q
Jul 28 03
2286 plays
12 Wild and Untamed Thing
All the people in this quiz had a wild streak and could not be tamed. How many can you recognise?
10 Q
Jul 12 11
624 plays
13 Your Daddy's Rich
The people in this quiz are mostly only known to the public because of family money. The majority of them have achieved very little except spend daddy's cash. How many can you recognize?
10 Q
Feb 13 11
621 plays
14 Famous Adults as Gifted Children
As children, most of us weren't sure what we were good at. Some of us will never know. A very few, on the other hand, have always known ...
10 Q
Jan 04 02
3255 plays
15 I Promise I'll Be Right Back
Here are ten questions about people who either didn't get back or came late.
10 Q
Mar 20 10
687 plays
16 Ballpark Figures
Celebrities usually rake in the cash when alive, but here is the Forbes List of top ten dead money-spinners of 2010, and the ballpark figure of how much they earned.
10 Q
Nov 15 10
879 plays
17 What Do You Know About "Forbes" Rich Lists?
Every year "Forbes" magazine publishes lists of the richest individuals in various categories. The people in this quiz have all been included as top money-earning entertainers/athletes. From the clues given, can you tell me who they are? Good luck.
10 Q
Aug 13 12
723 plays
18 Yesterday ...
"......and some have greatness thrust upon them." Or infamy. Meet some people whose lives changed overnight - I'll tell you about a yesterday and you have to identify a life changing event or the person it happened to.
10 Q
Jan 29 10
900 plays
19 Other Names of Famous Duos
How good are you with names? Members of these duos are each known by single names only. Do you know the other half of their names?
10 Q
Jul 20 10
1050 plays
20 Yours Truly and Unruly
Trivialand's police force has incarcerated ten "Celebrities", charged with LUI- living under the Influence (of Power). And also for throwing truly memorable dummy spits. Read the letters to see who is gracing the cells.
10 Q
Jun 01 10
573 plays
21 We Remember Them
This quiz is about ten of the world's famous people. There are so many to choose from and I hope that the ones I've picked will interest you. Can you recognise them from my brief descriptions?
10 Q
Sep 27 10
840 plays
22 Famous Short People
From philosophers to presidents, painters to pharaohs, short people are in all walks of life and can achieve just as much notoriety as their tall conterparts.
10 Q
Sep 19 02
6786 plays
23 Pioneers
This quiz will test your knowledge of some people that achieved notable 'firsts'. Some questions will be easier than others.
10 Q
Jan 03 08
606 plays
24 Nobody Does It Better
Who does it better than anyone else? Inventors, of course! So welcome to my quiz on inventors and inventions.
10 Q
Jul 28 11
378 plays
25 School Dazed: Very Famous Non-College Graduates
We've all heard it a million times..."if you want to make something of yourself you need a four year college degree". These famous folks didn't get one and still managed to do OK. Put on your thinking cap and see if you can identify them.
10 Q
Apr 02 12
324 plays
26 Sgt. Pepper's: The Album Cover
You probably know the music from the album, but how well do you know the famous cover? Ten questions about people who were featured in the iconic picture.
10 Q
Jul 04 11
438 plays
27 It's Not His Vault
Or maybe it is? Whether they earned their money, or were born into it, here are ten rich and famous people from around the world. (All money figures in US dollars)
10 Q
Mar 21 14
324 plays
28 He's A Genius!
Genius isn't always appreciated - and sometimes it's on vacation. Ten amazingly inappropriate quotations by and about famous people.
10 Q
Aug 07 13
348 plays
29 The 'Oddball' Behavior of Famous People
A quiz to let us know that even the most famous and infamous have their little foibles, too.
15 Q
Oct 05 02
1557 plays
30 Put Your Best Foot Forward
One meaning of the expression "put your best foot forward" is "to make a good effort". Can you identify these people who literally put their best foot forward by being credited as the first to set foot in a particular location?
10 Q
Apr 08 10
429 plays
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* An American civil war general, famous for his stand at the first Battle of Bull Run. As a result he gained a famous nickname.
* A great democratic but expansionist Athenian statesman and patron of the arts under whose rule the Parthenon was erected.
* A mathematican, and professor of astronomy, he designed the present St. Paul's Cathedral.
* A doctor who noticed that milkmaids with cowpox were immune to smallpox. The first vaccination resulted.
* Probably the greatest of Greek orators, he delivered the famous Philippic addresses, warning Athens of the skill and dangers of Philip of Macedon

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