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1 Jewish American Sports Heroes
All these athletes who made their mark in American sports are or were of the Jewish faith. See how many you can name.
10 Q
Sep 01 09
594 plays
2 Not Just Your Average Joe
There are thousands of outstanding athletes competing in numerous disciplines, so perhaps it's not all that surprising that there are quite a few named Joe. But, how well do you know your Joes?
10 Q
Oct 31 09
627 plays
3 Calm Down Coach!
Coaching at the highest levels involves a lot of pressure, and not everyone can take it all the time. Laugh along with some of the more memorable meltdowns from coaches and managers who've had enough.
10 Q
Jan 17 08
693 plays
4 Jim Thorpe: All-American
An All-American football player, Olympic decathlon champion, and Major League baseball player, Jim Thorpe has been called the greatest athlete ever. How much do you know about this legendary figure?
10 Q
Jul 06 05
297 plays
5 USA Sports Christmas Babies
All multiple choice about various U.S. sports stars whose families were more than blessed on a Christmas Day. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)
10 Q
Dec 19 08
435 plays
6 Sports Obituaries: 2009
All multiple choice to remember some of those greats who died in 2009, and gave us the memories. :)
10 Q
Sep 17 09
522 plays
7 Blacks Athletes: Beyond Any Barriers
This is a salute to Black History Month and honoring many black athletes, some of which you will be familiar and some not. That they did succeed despite barriers set up by others is worthy of remembering and knowing. I hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Feb 29 08
564 plays
8 Sports Legends of the Midwest
Team quiz by USA Midwest Players
There are many legendary sports teams in the Midwest, and many players whose names are synonymous with their city. Each team in question will have three legends associated with that team, you need the find the odd player out.
15 Q
Mar 11 10
363 plays
9 Whose Stats are These?
Here, I will give you the years each athlete played, and some significant career stats, then you identify the player who achieved those numbers! All the stats are compiled from the NBA, NFL, or MLB.
10 Q
Apr 26 07
1323 plays
10 Athletes with Disabilities
These athletes may or may not be well known, but all overcame a physical disability to play their sport. This is a mixed sports quiz. I hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Jun 04 08
336 plays
11 Sport Figures at War
When America goes to war, many well known sport figures go as well.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Feb 21 07
273 plays
12 Which Hall of Fame?
Short and sweet. I give you the name, then you select which Hall of Fame inducted the player. I hope that you have fun. :-)
10 Q
Mar 15 06
1155 plays
13 Pubescent Professionals
Talk about needing child labor laws! This is a quiz about some of the greatest accomplishments achieved by some of the youngest athletes of all-time.
10 Q
May 13 07
453 plays
14 They Had Careers After Sports
Here are some athletes who went on to have other successful careers. In some cases, they may be better known for their second career.
10 Q
Jun 15 08
534 plays
15 U.S. Politicians in Sports
Do you know which U.S. President played football for Michigan, or which NASCAR driver tried to get in politics? Politicians haven't always worn business suits. These politicians have all suited up for sports teams.
10 Q
Apr 18 08
471 plays
16 I Finished My Career Where?
Many players have long careers with one team, but finish up somewhere else, sometimes successfully and some times not so much. This quiz focuses on NBA, MLB, and NFL.
10 Q
Aug 01 09
519 plays
17 The Cat's Meow
Cats have a way of clawing their way into sports from time to time! Hope you like this one!
10 Q
Jul 15 08
387 plays
18 Jailbird Athletes: Their Sports Achievements
Answer 10 sports questions about successful American competitors in varied sports. Each career suffered or was ended by legal problems. Try it, you'll like it.
10 Q
Mar 30 11
405 plays
19 Getting Their Careers In Order
Many awards, many championships, sometimes many teams. Legendary sports figures have tons of milestones to their record. This quiz challenges you to figure out the order of some of the biggest events in the careers of some of sports' biggest stars.
10 Q
Feb 02 07
366 plays
20 Athletes Say the Darnedest Things # 2
Match the athlete with the quote. I made this one a bit easier - after all, it's all about having fun AND scoring points. Hope you score lots of points and get a few chuckles.
20 Q
Nov 19 01
975 plays
21 USA Legends
All multiple choice about some greats in USA sports. I hope you enjoy it. :-)
10 Q
Jan 27 09
588 plays
22 Why Did They Draft Him?
A quiz on some of the biggest draft busts in North American sport.
10 Q
Dec 28 12
321 plays
23 Roads to Recovery
Many athletes have started their careers well and went down and out, sometimes for years, before rising back up to the top. Can you name them?
10 Q
Apr 24 11
201 plays
24 Multi-Sport Stars
Questions about pro athletes who also played sports in college, other than what they became best known for.
15 Q
Jul 31 07
528 plays
25 "Ballot" Box Scores
Many prominent U.S. athletes went on to careers in politics. And some prominent politicians had high achievements in sports. Here are a few fun facts about them.
10 Q
Jan 12 07
309 plays
26 You Give Me the Willies
There have been many athletes through the years who have gone by the name of Willie. Some are household names, and some you may have never heard of. For this quiz, all you have to do is pick the right Willie.
10 Q
Jul 27 10
264 plays
27 Who Was Drafted First?
This quiz looks at some of the major professional sports based in North America and asks about players who were drafted before the others listed.
10 Q
Jul 28 09
303 plays
28 Which Sport is Mine?
An all multiple choice quiz to identify which sport these greats were known for. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)
10 Q
Aug 01 06
912 plays
29 Suit Up
This quiz is about players who have suited up for for different teams during their playing career. It is written in response to a write a quiz about this challenge.
10 Q
Aug 29 09
408 plays
30 Controversial Sports Stars I
This is a quiz about all the sports stars that we love to hate, and their unexplainable behavior.
10 Q
Jan 30 06
915 plays
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This is category 1978
Last Updated May 29 14 4:14 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Who was quoted as saying: 'They tell you things change at 40, but they don't tell you how much'?
* Who said this about autograph hunters: 'I seldom refused autograph-seekers, unless they were old enough to look like collection agents'?
* What did NFL Coach Buddy Ryan say when he saw a streaker race across the football field?
* What did Houston Oilers Coach Bum Phillips say was the reason he took his wife with him on the road?
* What's the Reggie Jackson quote when he refers to fans?

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