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1 Harry Potter - Glimpses of the Other Side
In the amazing magical world of 'Harry Potter', death is not as final as it might seem to muggles. This quiz covers the various ways that witches and wizards were able to see or interact with those who had passed over to the other side...
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
2 Flying Through Harry Potter
Welcome to Broom Flight Class. I'm Madame Hooch, and I'm going to teach you all you need to know about flying so you can get around the wizarding world.
10 Q
Nov 27 14
204 plays
3 Harry Potter Communication
Come explore the many methods of communication throughout the Harry Potter series!
10 Q
Jul 13 07
10818 plays
4 The Muggle Side of Harry Potter
Most Harry Potter fanatics fall in love with the spells, the magic, and the fantasy -- but Harry didn't always know he was a wizard, and his Muggle (non-magic) side can come in handy too. With thanks to Lilady for the inspiration, let's explore how.
10 Q
Oct 15 09
3558 plays
5 Unfogging the Future
Author J.K. Rowling does a masterful job weaving a continuous storyline through the entire "Harry Potter" series. This quiz will explore plot points that foreshadow, or are precursors to, events that occur in later books. **SPOILERS**
10 Q
Oct 10 11
1152 plays
6 Harry Potter Transportation
I was surprised that there were not any quizzes covering transportation types from Harry Potter. So come explore the many modes of movement throughout Harry's magical world!
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 03 07
13362 plays
7 From Aragog to Zabini
I'll mention 3 or more characters or things (mostly) from Book 6. You determine what they have in common.
10 Q
Nov 22 05
12645 plays
8 Mythological Names in Harry Potter
Many of the names used in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series are derived from classical mythology and epics such as Virgil's "The Aeneid" and Homer's "The Odyssey". How many can you identify?
10 Q
Aug 23 04
10656 plays
9 The Horcruxes and Other Parts of Voldemort's Soul
The horcruxes were objects that contained pieces of Voldemort's soul. They created an anchor to the real world, in case his primary body was killed. What do you know of these objects?
10 Q
Apr 20 09
2817 plays
10 Herbology, or The Natural World of Harry Potter
Much attention is given to the characters of Harry and his friends, the spells, heroes and villains, yet plants play a smaller but nevertheless vital role in JK Rowling's books. How are you on Herbology?
10 Q
Jan 03 13
435 plays
11 In Memoriam
Throughout the amazing Harry Potter series there have been many sad losses. How much do you remember about the deaths of some of the favorite characters? Warning: contains Book 7 spoilers.
10 Q
Aug 02 07
6990 plays
12 Harry Potter - Wand Laws
Wand law is complicated and not easily understood. Over the course of the Harry Potter series, we learn certain aspects of wand law. Knowledge of Books 1, 2, 4, and 7 is needed.
10 Q
Sep 05 07
6129 plays
13 Harry Potter: The Death Eaters
Although You-Know-Who doesn't rely on anybody, he does have many followers, the Death Eaters. How much do you know about these evil witches and wizards?
10 Q
Feb 04 09
2328 plays
14 Passwords in the "Harry Potter" Books
Access to enchanted places in the world of "Harry Potter" can be tricky. Some call for performing certain tasks (like walking through a "solid" wall), yet often all you need is a good old-fashioned password. Let's see how well you know them!
10 Q
Oct 19 12
564 plays
15 Harry Potter Cover Art - USA Edition
A quiz based on the USA versions of the cover art for the first six "Harry Potter" editions. I will describe a scene (or portion of a scene) and then you'll decide which cover I'm describing.
10 Q
Jul 30 05
7338 plays
16 The Colourful World of Harry Potter
Many different colours are featured in the 'Harry Potter' books which are associated with a particular person, place or magical effect. Here are a few of them. NB: all answers relate to colours found in the books, not the films. Warning - Spoilers!
10 Q
Nov 06 10
1224 plays
17 The Sweets (candy) of Harry Potter
I got fed up of all the really easy Harry Potter quizzes, so I decided to give this one a new approach, considering the most yummy part of the series - the sweets (candy)! The questions are all based on books one to four of J.K Rowling's series.
10 Q
Jun 25 07
5886 plays
18 A Stroll in Diagon Alley
This is a quiz about Diagon Alley, a street in the "Harry Potter" series. Pretend that you are starting Hogwarts this year and this is your first time here. So, come on! Let's go look around...
10 Q
Apr 01 10
1041 plays
19 Harry Potter - Patronuses
Test your knowledge about the Patronuses of Harry Potter characters. These questions are from the books as well as the movies.
10 Q
Aug 16 07
7848 plays
20 When Harry Met.... (part 2)
In the Harry Potter books, where did Harry meet various characters? [Note: This refers to face-to-face meetings when Harry is able to recognize the person or remember them later. Events at Godric's Hollow do not count.]
10 Q
Nov 29 05
8085 plays
21 A Day at Hogwarts
You'll learn lesson about the wizarding world while attending your daily classes. Just hope your professors don't give you a pop quiz. From J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series.
10 Q
Aug 11 09
1536 plays
22 Proverbs and Sayings in the Potter Universe
We all use idioms and proverbs in our daily life. The characters in JK Rowling's "Harry Potter" books are no exceptions. Here is a quiz on some of those proverbs and sayings.
10 Q
Apr 20 10
1035 plays
23 What do you know about...about Horcruxes?
Lord Voldemort created a number of Horcruxes. Take this quiz and test your knowledge about these dark objects!
10 Q
Mar 16 07
6201 plays
24 Literary References in "Harry Potter"
This quiz focuses on JK Rowlings' "Harry Potter" series and makes references to literature of the past. It is not necessary to have read the other literature in order to get any of the questions correct.
10 Q
Mar 12 13
513 plays
25 The Room of Requirement
"It is a most amazing room, sir... Mostly people stumbles across it when they needs it, sir, but often they never finds it again, for they do not know that it is always there waiting to be called into service, sir." But how does it work? (Use books 4-6.)
10 Q
Mar 16 06
5130 plays
26 Harry Potter - Where are you?
In this quiz, you will imagine you are in the wizarding world. For each question, I will describe the place you are in and you will tell me where you are. Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 24 05
9534 plays
27 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
This is a quiz about the magic school of Hogwarts from J.K Rowling's "Harry Potter". Good luck!
10 Q
Jan 06 11
957 plays
28 Horcruxes....
This quiz is on Horcruxes made by Voldemort according to the final Harry Potter series. Enjoy!
10 Q
Sep 05 07
3204 plays
29 Who Killed Who in "Harry Potter"?
This is a quiz about the characters of JK Rowling's "Harry Potter". I'll say a name and you say who killed them. Good luck!
10 Q
May 24 10
1953 plays
30 It's Just a Dream...
Throughout the Harry Potter books, Harry has had many dreams. Sometimes they're just dreams. But sometimes a dream transitions into something more... Were you paying attention, be they prophetic or not? Knowledge of books 1, 3, 4, and 5 is needed/used.
10 Q
Dec 30 05
5361 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Again, of the first six books in the "Harry Potter" series, it is the only one in which Harry has a sword buckled at his waist. A serpent slithers on the floor below his feet.
* Ron, Hermione and Ginny stare in horror up at a starry constellation forming a skull and snake on the back cover of this "Harry Potter" novel.
* BOOK ONE Which of the following sweets did the woman with the trolley on the Hogwarts Express NOT have?
* At the start of term feast Harry helped himself to a bit of everything except what?
* When the puddings arrived what did Harry help himself to?

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