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In the 1960s TV show "Sky King" what was the dog's name?

Question #13698. Asked by colleen.
Last updated May 16 2021.

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It took a lot of web searching, but I found it. Having grown up watching Sky King flying out of the clear blue of the western skies, I raked my brain trying to remember a dog on the show. I could remember Rin Tin Tin, Sgt. Preston's dog King, Bullet running alongside Roy Rogers, but no dog jumping down from an airplane. Thank goodness other people's memories are better.

A white german shepard, he belonged to Penny, and his name was 'WHITE SHADOW.'
A beautiful animal, and Penny called him 'Shadow' for short.


Response last updated by gtho4 on May 16 2021.
Sep 09 2001, 8:49 AM
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There was no dog on Sky King. White Shadow was the dog in "Corky and White Shadow", produced by Disney through the Mickey Mouse Club.


Response last updated by gtho4 on Jan 11 2017.
Jan 11 2017, 4:13 PM
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The name of the dog in "Sky King" was "Keelo". It was disclosed in episode 192 "The Silver Stallion" of the radio broadcast (but never referred to in the tv series).

The name of the horse was "Yellow Fury".

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Jan 11 2017, 6:05 PM
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