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Who was the doctor who removed the bullet from Lee Harvey Oswald's body and what was the name of the nurse who inscribed her initials on it?

Question #149095. Asked by serpa.
Last updated Jan 16 2023.
Originally posted Jan 12 2023 2:55 PM.

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The coroner who removed the bullet from Oswald was Earl Rose.


I cannot find anything about a nurse who inscribed her initials on said bullet. The only thing I found was a story about a nurse who supposedly inscribed her initials on 'one' of the bullets taken from Kennedy's body, but she said that she did not inscribe her initials.

Jan 15 2023, 8:04 PM
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The bullet was removed while Oswald was in the Operating Room at Parkland Memorial Hospital (he was moved there from Emergency, Trauma Room 2). The surgeon was Dr Tom Shires, with three assistant doctors (Dr Perry, Dr McCelland and Dr Ron Jones). The hospital record of the surgery ("Operative Record") comprises two pages. It's the last two pages of Warren Commission Exhibit No 392. The Operative Record lists the names of five nurses. The bullet was removed at the time of fibrillation, but the Operative Record doesn't state which doctor removed it.

Dr Shires was interviewed by the Warren Commission (at pages 104 to 112). He does not mention the bullet.

Detective Leavelle was the police officer handcuffed to Oswald, when Oswald was shot by Ruby:
I rode in the ambulance with Oswald and tried to find a pulse on his arm but could not. I could see where the bullet had entered his body, and its final resting place was on the side of his stomach, just under the skin. When we rolled him in to surgery. I told the doctor I needed that bullet. The doctor quickly made a small slit in his skin and out popped the bullet, which he handed to a nurse. I always carried a pocketknife and instructed the nurse to carve her initials at the end of the slug. I informed her there world come a time when they would both have to testify it was the actual bullet taken out of Oswald.
Leavelle doesn't state the name of the nurse.

Jan 16 2023, 12:06 AM
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