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Subject: Team Points

Posted by: Terry
Date: Apr 22 09

Team Points

Our site's major changes are almost complete, but there are a couple of things left to do:

You may have noticed a new line in your profile labelled "Team Points". I felt that it was time to finally tie together some loose ends and integrate teamwork into our scoring system. Teams and community are the backbone of our site, and as such it's about time we recognized and rewarded teamwork over time.

Team points are points that you earn through participating in games and challenges with your team. When you and your teammates participate in a game or challenge together, each participating team member will earn an equal number of team points each when the game closes. These points will then go towards some new team badges and perhaps other acknowledgement in the months to come. You earn team points only when you actively participate in your team's game.

Currently there are two methods to earn Team Points:

Daily Team Heroes Game: The HERO AVERAGE of your team at the end of the day is awarded to each team member who participated in that day's Team Hero game, regardless of score. Players who "make the scoreboard" and those who don't will earn equal team points. Some days you will help your team, other days they will help you. That's what teams are about.

Daily Team vs Team Game: The TEAM AVERAGE score for all players in your team at the end of the day is awarded to each team member who participated in that day's game. If you don't play, you will not earn these points. In order to remove any stigma or perceived pressure associated with scoring poorly and having your score advertised to your teammates, only scores above 50% will be displayed numerically, and the others will not. We all have our bad days, and everyone deserves to play this game without feeling like they're disappointing their teammates. Extremely low scores that may indicate a technical problem or sabotage (say under 300 points) will be entirely discarded, and that player will not earn Team Points for the day in this game.

As an example: if our first badge required 100,000 team points and every member of your team played both of these above games every day, you would all eventually earn the first team badge at exactly the same time.

Team points cannot be lost. If you change teams in the future you will not lose the balance of your team points. We do encourage teams to work and stick together though!

On an unrelated note: I am also getting rid of the silly distinction between "bonus" and "quiz points" that we've had for many years now, from an era where they actually meant something. This distinction currently adds needless complexity. These concepts are going the way of the dodo for simplicity sake. The fairly easy-to-earn "bonus" badge will be renamed "20,000 Points" and awarded at 20,000 FunTrivia Points, and will remain an extra badge separate from "Point King", etc. Existing owners of either "Bonus 1" or "Bonus 2" will simply see their badge renamed. So there will be 2 types of points: "FunTrivia Points", which you earn through individual efforts, and "Team Points", outlined above.