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Simply Idioms (2) Crossword Puzzle

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Just guess the missing word(s) in mostly common (and some not so common) idioms and phrases. Pangram to boot. At least 10 related to food with couple of fillers.
Author: sam388 - Diff: Easier [ Scores ]



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      1. Footlong sandwiches
      3. A ___ in shining armor: A heroic saviour, especially to a damsel in distress
      8. I'll be a monkey's ___: Expressing surprise or disbelief
      9. All over ___: Start from the beginning
      10. Get one's ___ together: Become serious
      12. ___ a bell: Seem familiar
      14. ___ on a sour note: Conclude in an unpleasant or disagreeable manner
      15. ___ vessels make the most noise: Those with the least knowledge have the most to say
      17. Chew the ___: Make idle conversation
      19. Put all one's ___ in one basket: Risk everything on one venture
      22. In a ___: In trouble
      24. The ___ male: The dominant male in an animal group
      25. It takes ___ tango: Some action that cannot be done by one party alone (3,2)
      26. To shoot the ___: Chat casually
      27. Buy the ___ round: Purchase a drink for the group (at the bar)


      1. To have a ___ meal: Have a satisfying meal
      2. Bring home the ___: To earn income from employment
      4. ___ as a pin: Tidy and clean
      5. Take with a ___ of salt: To accept with skepticism
      6. Have nothing left in the ___: Have no energy
      7. Not my cup of ___: Not preferable
      11. Care for a ___: Would you like some tea/coffee?
      13. If you can't take the heat, ___ out of the kitchen: Don't do something that is too difficult
      14. Apple of one's ___: Favorite person or object
      16. Be ___: Be helpful or amiable (1,5)
      18. The ___ never falls far from the tree: Children take after their parents
      20. Go on a wild ___ chase: Embark on an impossible search
      21. Like a ___ to the slaughter: Innocently, without concern for danger
      22. All that ___: All the other things
      23. Rock videos pioneer channel (1,1,1)