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Mostly Animals Crossword Puzzle

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The lion's share of clues in this crossword have something to do with animals.
Author: Catreona - Diff: Harder



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      1. A shelless mollusc with an elongated soft body, large eyes, eight arms, and two tentacles
      4. Mainly crepuscular and nocturnal Australian marsupial with cube-shaped poop
      8. A male bovine, usually gelded, trained and used as a draft animal. Bullock
      10. Ah's partner
      12. A toddler's favorite word
      13. Prefix meaning two (as in ___pedal, two footed)
      14. Popular aquarium denizen of the genus Pterophyllum, originally from South America
      17. Veggie that comes in pods. The sweet variety is prized by both people and bees for its flowers
      18. The cry of the hyena is likened to this
      19. Bad cholesterol, for short
      21. Mode of transport for bunnies and roos
      22. Necessary component of a polar bear's habitat
      23. Short cheer, or sun god
      24. Aphids, chafers, slugs, Japanese beetles and scale insects can all damage these garden beauties
      26. Sexy Argentine dance, plural
      28. The largest bird endemic to Australia
      29. Man has been called a naked one
      30. When speaking of horses, this coat type may be red or blue
      32. Official name of The Wobblies, for short
      33. Certain Hindu holy men are reputed to be able to charm this dangerous snake
      35. Extinct species of this largest and most fearsome of cats include Caspian and Bali
      37. Formal term for a microchip, for short
      39. A large, plains-dwelling African antelope
      40. This mammal is proverbially slow
      43. To be unwell
      45. Official name of the Mormon Church, for short
      46. More secure
      48. Exist
      51. Country whose national symbol is the beaver, for short
      52. Opposite direction to western
      54. When speaking of dogs, a chocolate or golden retriever, for short
      56. Hawaiian necklace, traditionally made of flowers
      57. Striped African equine


      1. This shelled gastropod can be terrestrial or aquatic
      2. Any hooved mammal
      3. Intelligent and playful marine mammal
      4. Evening bird of the Americas with a distinctive call
      5. A lustrous yarn or fabric made from the coat of the Angora goat
      6. Male deer of all species bear these formidable racks on the head
      7. Directional preposition
      8. Physician who cares for mother and baby during pregnancy and childbirth, for short
      9. Horseshoe crab
      11. Possessive preposition or about's synonym
      15. Symbol of the chemical element with atomic number 34
      16. Medical-sounding type of shark
      20. Veterinarian's title, for short
      25. Typesetter's measure
      27. As a result, therefore
      29. Long-tailed insectivore found mainly in tropical regions of the Americas
      31. One thousand million years or, popularly, a stretch of time too long to measure
      32. Wavelength at the other end of the light spectrum from UV, used by some critter cams to see
      33. Class of pastime that includes children's favorites like "Animal Snap" and "Go Fish", for short
      34. The American bison
      36. Fish use these organs to breathe
      38. A food fish over which the UK and Iceland fought a series of wars from Sep 1, 1958 to Jun 1, 1976
      41. "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" poet Eliot's initials
      42. Many invertebrates lack this heady organ
      44. Wild goat of Eurasia, North Africa and East Africa, whose males have large backwards bending horns
      47. DC's partner
      49. A place to treat injured people or animals, for short
      50. Large, toothed, edible, usually freshwater fish of the southern US, Mexico and Central America
      53. Home of the kiwi, for short
      54. The mass of an animal may be measured by the kg or by the ___
      55. An undergraduate degree, not in the Sciences