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To Everything, Turn Crossword Puzzle

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The clue is a word that needs to be turned and twisted (i.e. anagrammed), with the end result being a word that matches the meaning of the one(s) in brackets. Best of luck.
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      1. Skene (Patellas)
      4. Slate (Rob)
      7. Kin (Tattoo)
      8. Ayers (Ages)
      9. Argue (Corkscrew)
      10. Cat (Perform)
      11. Elk En (Genuflect)
      14. Heart (Planet)
      17. Keats (Post)
      20. Andes (Hardtop)
      23. Mug (Resin)
      24. Range (Ire)
      25. Lease (Artist's stand)
      26. Ear (Epoch)
      27. Cleat (Flamboyance)
      28. Any Or (Sabra Silk)


      1. Yakka (Canoe)
      2. A Seer (Rub out)
      3. Sails (Agave)
      4. Teaks (Glide)
      5. Agree (Avid)
      6. Churl (Stagger)
      12. Tun (Edible Kernel)
      13. Lek (Wapiti)
      15. Lea (Beer)
      16. Ate (Cuppa - informal)
      17. Gates (Phase)
      18. Glean (Spirit)
      19. Greet (Heron)
      20. Mares (Sully)
      21. Study (Sooty)
      22. Lonny (Stocking)