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All the World's a Stage Crossword Puzzle

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A puzzle that looks at the characters and the plays of William Shakespeare. Best of luck.
Author: pollucci19 - Diff: Harder



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      1. Head of an abbey, minor character & ally of "Richard II" (1595-6); ___ of Westminster
      4. Title of Shakespeare play; "A Midsummer Night's ___" (1595-6)
      7. Title of Shakespeare's play (1592-94); "Richard ___" (Roman numerals)
      8. Richard's uncle & Henry's father in Shakespeare's "Richard II" (1595-6); John of ___
      9. Shakespeare describes this being as "beautiful creature from heaven who also protects humans"
      10. "Henry V" (1599) quote "Lay these bones in an unworthy ___" or (vessel for ashes of the dead)
      11. Locations, such as Verona and Denmark, in Shakespeare's plays
      14. Lover of Tamora, main antagonist of "Titus Andronicus" (1589-92); ___ the Moor
      17. Alternate name for the Three Witches in Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" (1603?07); The ___ Sisters
      20. Abergavenny in "Henry VIII" (1613) and Adrian in "The Tempest" (1611) (Title - Plural)
      23. Term of welcome or farewell used in "Julius Caesar" (1599-1600)
      24. Title of Shakespeare's play, written 1605-08; "___ of Athens"
      25. Ophelia or Desdemona or Rosalind in Shakespeare's plays
      26. Twenty second letter of the Greek alphabet
      27. Phantom who haunts Windsor Great Park in "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (1597-1601); ___ the Hunter
      28. Nationality of King Duncan & Banquo in "Macbeth" (1606-07)


      1. Thane, accompanies Ross, bringing Duncan news of victory over Norway in "Macbeth" (1606-07)
      2. Servant of the Pander and the Bawd in "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" (1606-08)
      3. A leader of Roman forces against the Volscians in "Coriolanus" (1608); ___ Lartius
      4. The goddess of chastity in "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" (1606-08)
      5. Legitimate son of Gloucester in "King Lear" (1605-6), disguises himself as "Poor Tom"
      6. French lord who fights for the Dauphin's party, in "King John" (1594-6)
      12. Social gesture first introduced in "The Taming of the Shrew" (1590-94); "Break the ___"
      13. Body organ Mark Antony called to be lent in his speech "Julius Caesar" (1599) Act III Scene 2
      15. Shakespeare play written 1598-99; "Much ___ About Nothing"
      16. Objects to his daughter's involvement with Lucilius in 24 Across; ___ Athenian
      17. Common name for one of the Wayward Sisters in Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" (1603?7)
      18. Third most populous city in Turkey, hosted the "Shakespeare Festival" in 2019
      19. A galliard or sinkapace or coranto or pavane that appear in Shakespeare's plays
      20. King of France, allies to Warwick & Margaret in "Henry VI, Part 3" (1590-3); King ___ XI
      21. Juliet's lover
      22. Nobleman & close friend of the Duke of Buckingham in "Henry VIII" (1613); Lord George ___