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Bodies of Water and Guests Crossword Puzzle

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Lots of sea names, with necessary fillers.
Author: gme24 - Diff: Harder



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      1. This sea could be East or South
      4. Sea in Arctic
      7. What this crossword is mainly about
      8. Narrow and shallow channels which are eroded into unprotected soil by hillslope runoff
      9. Device to cook food on
      10. Lake in New Mexico
      11. Afterwards
      14. Aquatherapy ?Water _____? (abbr.)
      17. Slang for flirts
      20. Sea between Europe and Asia
      23. European Sea
      24. Darkness
      25. Terminate
      26. Relating to dew
      27. A frame or stand for drying clothes (British)


      1. Australian sea in the North East
      2. A small arm of the sea
      3. Capital of an Old Assyrian city-state
      4. This bay in Canada is also known as Ukkusiksalik Bay
      5. The Isle of Man lies in this Sea
      6. From the collection of (2,3)
      12. Wing
      13. River in North Yorkshire
      15. Snake-like fish
      16. Lake in Ontario, part of the Miniss River system
      17. Juvenile, young person
      18. Healer
      19. Means shore in Arabic
      20. One of four seas that surround the Maluku Islands of Indonesia
      21. Personification of the sea in Norse mythology
      22. Bay on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro