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A Box of Marvels (4) Crossword Puzzle

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The Marvel universe is still alive with a broad range of characters. Best of luck.
Author: pollucci19 - Diff: Harder



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      1. With 8A: Michelle Yeoh's character in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" (2017) (First name)
      4. One of the "Eternals" and brother of Zuras. Also known as Mentor
      7. Four legged member of the "Guardians of the Galaxy", has psychic powers; Cosmo the Space ___
      8. With 1A: Michelle Yeoh's character in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" (2017) (Surname)
      9. Student of Xorn's "Special Class". Identity is secret, has same name as "James Bond" nemesis Blofeld
      10. Cosmic being and a "Protector of the Universe" who has been around for "ages"
      11. Bears the surname of a multinational pharmaceutical, healed Frank Castle's wounds; Dr. William ___
      14. Alias of the "Lone Star" known as Drew Daniels; "The ___ Twister"
      17. Sweet & sour, a member of the "Big Hero 6", real name Aiko Miyazaki; Honey ___
      20. Dark horse member of the "Hellfire Club", her alias is Black Queen, real name is Emma ___
      23. Picnic pest and alter ego of Scott Lang; ___-Man
      24. A real "tricky Dicky" from Earth-616, has the power to freeze time; Kidon ___
      25. Known as Oddball & a member of "Death Throws", he's no piano player; ___ Healey
      26. Master assassin and wielder of the "Ten Rings"; Shang-___
      27. Relationship of Maybelle "May" Parker-Jameson to Peter Parker ("Spiderman")
      28. First appeared in "Amazing Spiderman #575" (2008), reporter for The Daily Bugle; ___ Winters


      1. Codename of Rick Jones, a friend of the Hulk & Capt. America (Letter & one word of 4 letters)
      2. Black by name & nature, member of the "Black Order" & loyal servant of Thanos; ___ Maw
      3. Also known as Roland Burroughs, he's a member of the "Serpent Squad"; Death ___
      4. A field operative who works for S.H.I.E.L.D
      5. Almost an extra, alter ego of the human cyborg known as Alexander Ellis
      6. Serpent god of death on Earth-616 and Egyptian god of deserts (Alt. spelling & Plural)
      12. Aka Grizzly, fought the rawhide Kid & the Two Gun Kid; ___ Fenton
      13. A "Celestial" & the biological father of Peter Quill ("Star Lord"); ___ the Living Planet
      15. Member of the mutant Morlocks, he bears a name like Treebeard's ("LOTR") race
      16. He's no "Tarzan", but a Wakandan named M'Baku, adversary of the Black Panther; Man-___
      17. Formerly of the "Secret Avengers" and known as Night Nurse; ___ Jane Carter
      18. American who joined the Nazi Party & acted as a decoy for Red Skull; George ___
      19. Known as Push, a friend of "Spider-Girl" & member of "X-People"; ___ Meeko Lu
      20. A member of the "Runaways", he is also known as Talkback; Victor Chase ___
      21. Alter ego of Stanley Carter, a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Sin ___
      22. Founding member of the "Great Lake Avengers", aka Silent Sal; ___ Soar