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What's the Animal #10? Crossword Puzzle

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Another puzzle series on the amazing world of animals.
Author: sw11 - Diff: Harder



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      1. Largest lizard on Earth found on this island
      5. One of the world's most endangered cat species: Iberian ___
      7. Hawaiian name for milkfish
      8. Respiratory organ of fish
      9. Breed of goat first domesticated in France
      10. Striped, hooded, hog-nosed ___
      13. Japanese dog breed Shiba ___
      15. Commonly known as Egyptian cobra
      17. Black-and-yellow, scarlet, orange-headed ___ (bird)
      18. Breed of African long-legged sheep
      20. Bird endemic to the Philippines: Mount ___ starling
      22. Giant ___ ray
      25. Llamas and alpacas are common animals on the ___ Trail
      26. Parrot endemic to Central African Rep.: ___-___ parrot
      27. Large parrot found on South Island, New Zealand
      28. Extinct flightless bird endemic to Mauritius
      29. Burgundy, garden, milk ___ (plural)


      2. Common name of delia antiqua: ___ fly
      3. Great horned, snowy, northern pygmy ___ (plural)
      4. Small, adaptable monarch flycatcher found in Hawaii: ___ elepaio
      5. Spike-heeled, Gray's, Cape long-billed ___ (bird)
      6. Bird endemic to Mexico: ___ wren
      11. Found in Africa: Mount ___ reed frog
      12. Small parrot endemic to Australia: ___ parrot
      13. Birds found in Japanese peninsula: ___ thrush and leaf warbler
      14. Genus of side-blotched lizards
      15. Aka the saw-edged perch
      16. Genus of mostly freshwater pufferfish found in South-East Asia
      19. Ancient lineage of dog found in Australia
      21. Species of gourami native to Southeast Asia: ___ gourami
      22. Fast predatory fish capable of swimming at speeds up to 50 km/h: ___ shark
      23. Endemic bird of Western Sumatra island:___ hill myna
      24. Dwarf buffalo endemic to the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia