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Soccer Terms and Idioms Crossword Puzzle

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In here are terms related to association football (soccer). Some are official terms while others are from the fans' vernacular, have fun.
Author: mutchisman - Diff: Harder



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      1. A game starts with this (two words)
      6. Wide men
      9. No score
      10. A top or shirt
      12. Where the striker likes to put the ball; ___ net (two words)
      13. A lubricant
      14. "C'mon my ___"; a cry heard mainly at London grounds
      15. Still playing after 90 minutes (two words)
      18. Days of ___; long ago
      20. ___ Hartford, 1970s West Bromwich Albion and Scotland midfielder
      22. Only the very best players should be called this
      24. Wales play in this colour
      25. If you're winning you are this
      28. "He shoots, he ___!"
      29. Upright
      30. A common British tree
      31. Win , lose ___ draw
      32. This contains the tibia and fibula
      34. Had been in debt
      37. Robert Zimmerman is better known as which musician? (initials only)
      38. A party or similar function
      39. A cure-all for injuries (two words)
      45. A surface for hockey not soccer
      46. Football trips of two or more matches
      47. The defence tries to ___ out the opposition
      48. He ___ the 'keeper the wrong way
      49. ___ de Janeiro
      50. A fiercely struck low drive (two words)


      2. Play may be stopped for one
      3. Not in an illegal position
      4. Another term for pitch
      5. ___half is a position in rugby but not in soccer
      6. An important piece of referee's equipment
      7. Kept on the ball maybe? (plural)
      8. These provide protection for the legs (two words)
      11. What the crowd do when excited
      16. This number was usually worn by an inside forward
      17. A fixture
      19. Traditionally the goalkeeper's number
      20. Straight as an ___
      21. Get angry when dismissed (two words)
      23. A real donkey!
      25. A poor effort on goal (three words)
      26. To copy
      27. One of these on the pitch usually causes amusement
      32. A great player (usually) from the past
      33. Cries from the players or the fans
      34. In the red (initials only)
      35. An injured player might need to see one
      36. Greek goddess of fire or a Vauxhall car model
      37. "To be or not to ___"
      40. A top player
      41. Italian river
      42. Shortened form of near
      43. Nickname for California (initials only)
      44. An attempt on goal
      47. Trying to ___ on a lead is often a dangerous tactic
      49. Are you? (text-speak)