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Snoopy: A small crossword for a great dog

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The dog and his friends. Plus a few fillers. If there is a he-or him in the clue, it's about Snoopy.
Author: heidi66 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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    • Complete Clue List

      1. Snoopy is this breed of dog.
      6. Woodstock is that kind of animal
      8. Gave money
      9. A zodiac sign
      10. Snoopy complained once that there wasn't a slice of this citrus fruit in his water bowl!
      12. Snoopy's brother Spike sports this figure
      13. When in a good mood, he ___ his tail
      15. A fish
      17. Togetherness
      18. One of Snoopy's alter ego: Joe ___
      20. He also took part in this winter sport
      21. His brother Spike lives there
      23. _____Anderson released the "Peanuts Theme"
      27. Internet country code top-level domain for Slovakia
      29. Did Charlie Brown ever hear of ___ Mota, baseball player?
      30. Schroeder plays a ___ piano
      31. Teacher Miss Othmar might wear this kind of stockings


      1. His pretty sister
      2. This lunar model was named Snoopy. Name of the program and the number as a word (two words)
      3. Post to Georgia
      4. Snoopy's first owner
      5. A biblical garden
      6. Family name of Snoopy's "owner"
      7. His birthplace ___ ___ Puppy Farm
      11. Things to hold a doghouse together
      14. A metric unit of mass (abbr.)
      16. Short for the executive body of the European Union
      17. Tom Jones: "It's Not ____"
      19. You might do it, while reading about Snoopy (an Abbr.)
      21. Woodstock lives in one.
      22. An Award the Peanuts received
      24. Nevada Airport Symbol
      25. A place with no room, according to the bible (as told in "A Charlie Brown Christmas")
      26. A village in Limburg, Netherlands
      28. A winning strike for Snoopy boxing against Lucy