Hez Mat II Crossword Puzzle

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This was inspired by a previous challenge that I'd worked on... all clues relate to artists, their albums and their songs. Best of luck.
Author: pollucci19 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. A fashionable Nile Rodgers' vehicle that produced the disco hit "Le Freak" (1978)
      4. A combustible Rolling Stones, "Out of Our Heads" in 1965; "Play With ___"
      6. John Pardi behaving like a rock star in 2014; "Trash a ___ Room"
      8. A touch of liberation from Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1973; "___ Bird"
      9. Some kind of opposition, US punk rockers released "A New Kind of Army" in 1999; ___-Flag
      10. Red Hot Chili Peppers from "Stadium Arcadium" (2006); "___ in a Teacup"
      13. Boyz II Men from 1991; "___ Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" (2 Words, 1 a contraction, 3,2)
      15. Wishful thinking from Luke Combs in 2019; "Beer Never Broke a ___"
      17. "She's So Unusual" or so she said in 1983; ___ Lauper
      19. Elton John from "The Road to El Dorado" soundtrack (2000); "The ___ We Blaze"
      21. Grinspoon worried about being second fiddle in 2004; "Hard ___ Follow" (Two words 3,2)
      23. The Living End calling for a little preservation in 1998; "All ___ Down"
      25. The Rolling Stones falling from a high on "Goats Head Soup" (1973); "Coming ___ Again"
      27. David Ogden Stiers with Quasimodo's dream in 1996; "The Bells of ___ Dame"
      28. UK songwriter, best known for his collaborations with Jackie Trent; ___ Hatch
      29. Billie Eilish coming to a close in 2019; "When the Party's ___"


      2. Advice from Passenger in 2012; "Let ___ Go"
      3. 1984 musical featuring "One Night in Bangkok" by Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus & Tim Rice
      4. From their "Dawn FM" LP (2022) the Swedish House Mafia are drawn like a "Moth to a ___"
      5. The Blue Light Special with a touch of rodentia in 2016; "Still Just a ___ in a Cage"
      7. A likely pair, Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye from 1966; "It Takes ___"
      11. Morale boosting from the Boomtown Rats in 1978; "A ___ for the Troops"
      12. Frankly, he gave "A Thousand Memories" in 1995; ___ Akins
      14. In 1988 Martika is playing war games with "___ Soldiers"
      16. Almost a beam of sunshine, the lead singer of Aussie band Thirsty Merc; ___ Thistlethwayte
      18. Lead singer of the Southern rock group Molly Hatchet; ___ Joe Brown
      20. Jack Johnson looking for laughs at a cowboy contest in 2001; "___ Clowns"
      22. Track that featured Courtney Love on Fall Out Boys' "Save the World" (2013); "Rat-a-___"
      24. Sounds like a double reed woodwind instrument, Ghanaian drummer ___ Addy
      26. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts feeling down in 1981; "Oh ___ is Me"