Melting Pot: Real and Imagined People 43 Crossword Puzzle

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The latest in a series of crosswords that will eventually, when complete, name all eight billion people in the world both real and fictitious. Here are another 45 to add to the total.
Author: 1nn1 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Nationality of Carl Jung and Roger Federer
      6. Mr Firth or Mr Farrell, both actors
      9. Harrison Ford breakthrough role (3,4)
      10. Major city in southern Turkey
      11. Prison, life or security. Also a basketball position
      12. Wilhelm, produced and detected X-rays. Inaugural Nobel Prize winner for Physics
      14. Vietnamese revolutionary: ____ Minh (2,3)
      17. Cary Grant or Jack Nicholson profession
      20. Jacques, German-born French cellist. Composed nearly 100 operettas
      23. Edith, French singer. The Little Sparrow
      24. Irish mononymous Celtic pop singer
      25. Laurence, previously Larry, "The Matrix", "Rumble Fish" "John Wick 2"
      26. Mr Neeson, "Schindler's List"
      27. One of the largest groups of indigenous Brazilians before colonisation. Not named after an antelope
      28. Queen consort and wife of King Edward VII but not the Egyptian Mediterranean city
      31. Frasier's surname is a bit lofty
      33. In front
      36. Ms O'Sullivan, American actress and Mia's mom or Ms Starkey, Ringo's first wife
      39. Mr Thurmond, represented South Carolina in the US Senate 1954 to 2003
      40. Ms Carpenter, one half of a pop duo tragically died at 32
      41. Japanese paper-folding skill
      42. DeGeneres or Foley but NOT Mirren
      43. Brother of 31A


      1. Guns N' Roses guitarist
      2. Biblical Abraham's son, almost sacrificed
      3. Omar, Egyptian actor and contract bridge player
      4. Soon
      5. Kim___-il or Kim ___-un. North Korean leaders
      6. French brandy, twice distilled
      7. Minimum quantity required
      8. Ralph, activist and reformer in consumer protection, environmental and government causes
      13. UK Prime Minister 1997-2007 (4,5)
      15. Laurence, noted British actor, "Rebecca"
      16. Dustin but not Felicity
      18. Major adversary of Wonder Woman (DC Comics) OR a very fast land animal
      19. Ms Dukakis, American actress "Moonstruck"
      21. Key component of spring-powered watches but NOT one of the American rap trio, "Killing Me Softly"
      22. Unpleasantly bitter, sharp or pungent
      29. Jack, "The China Syndrome", "Glengarry Glen Ross" is not sour
      30. Ian, Scottish novelist. creator of John Rebus
      31. Social stratification tier
      32. Ms Lavigne, Canadian punk-pop singer
      34. Mr Flynn, Australian actor
      35. King of Portugal 1379-1425, the Poet King, was NOT a menace but could have inspired a Blondie song
      37. Leon, American novelist "Exodus"
      38. Son of Biblical Isaac and elder brother of Jacob