The Wild Side of the Bible Crossword Puzzle

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This is the first in my quest to find animals living outside the Animals FT category. This puzzle focuses on the Bible and its animals. Enjoy a trip on the wild side!
Author: BigTriviaDawg - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      3. My color is white, red, black, or pale (Rv 6)
      8. Her eyes were better than Balaam's (Nm 22)
      9. Lay public reader of the scriptures
      10. Mediator between the conscious and the unconscious
      11. Possibly dinner for a shepherd
      12. Philosophical deceivers with clever arguments to mislead (Ga 3)
      14. Noah's Ark is often presented to children in this way
      16. Regressing after a period of improving (Nm 21)
      20. The Queen of Sheba might have been from this peninsula (1Kg 10)
      22. Serious predicaments; often preceded by dire (Je 19)
      25. Huge sea serpent (Ps 74)
      27. Where Sheol lies in relation to the Earth (Ez 31)
      30. Way in which the serpent talked to Eve (Gn 3)
      33. To weaken; The Lord did this to Saul (Ac 9)
      35. A great pope
      36. Adam did this for the animals (Gn 2)
      37. Delilah did this until Samson revealed his secret (Jgs 16)
      38. White tailed sea-eagles (pl.)


      1. The eighth Egyptian plague (Ex 10)
      2. Children's performance; one might be at Christmas
      3. Like the jackal, a creature that will inhabit the Babylon fortresses (Is 13)
      4. Peter denied Christ three times before this bird crowed (Mt 26)
      5. Huge battle animals in 1 Maccabees (1 Mc 6)
      6. South American antioxidant berry
      7. Yom Kippur animal to bear the sins of the people (Lv 16)
      13. Glide on snow
      14. Home of fishes
      15. Teacher of the Torah
      17. Animal associated with Satan (Rv 12)
      18. What James and John were mending when they first met Jesus (Mt 4)
      19. A bird thought to symbolize Jesus in a Christmas song
      21. Bread grain
      23. Plant a seed
      24. The mother of harlots according to Revelation (Rv 17)
      26. By way of
      28. Anointing oil comes from these fruits (Lv 8)
      29. The wicked run away, but the godly are as bold as these animals (Pv 28)
      31. Outcome of 23 down; often done with a sickle
      32. Prevent a wrong
      34. The legion of demons were cast into these animals (Mk 5)