There's Hope in Laughter Crossword Puzzle

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Bob Hope was a master of comedic delivery. Much loved for his decades of service entertaining the armed forces, he drew criticism for his attitude to feminists. Part of my November series of Faith, Hope and Charity.
Author: windrush - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Comedy Western (1952), starring Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers, 'Son of __'
      5. Line from Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice', "All that __ is not gold" (often misquoted)
      10. Piano backed a lot of Hope/Crosby songs, keys of __ and ivory
      11. Compilation recording; Bob Hope released many in his career
      13. Though honoured by the Academy, Hope was never nominated for an __ for acting
      14. Jazz pianist, __ "King" Cole, a contemporary in show-biz with Hope
      15. For each
      16. In Hope's 1943 movie, 'Let's Face It', Eve __ appeared as Maggie Watson
      18. In fashion; __ the minute (2,2)
      19. Lamour's role in 'Road to Zanzibar', __ LaTour
      22. Name of the Vaudeville act Hope formed with the tragic Hilton sisters
      25. Swindle that Hope and Crosby tried in many of their movies
      28. Hope, Crosby and Lamour starred in the 1942 comedy '__', part of a series of movies (4,2,7)
      31. Hope's outrageous costumes drew '__ and aahs' from the audience
      33. Bob's birth name __ Hope (6,6)
      35. Hope was a long-time friend of Ronald and __ Reagan
      38. Part of Hope's on-stage persona was to __ about his stardom
      39. Capital of the country with monastery Hope and Crosby visited in 'The Road to Hong Kong'
      41. In the '30s Hope built a name on __, on NBC Radio
      42. View
      43. Blacksmith's tool
      44. Joan Collins played a Russian __ (spy) in 'Road to Hong Kong'
      45. Bob Hope was pelted with eggs by feminists during the 'Miss __' judging, 1970
      46. Birthname of Brit. starlet Sabrina, who later lived in Toluca Lake, Hope's neighbourhood (5,3)
      47. Hope and Crosby were often taken __ by the baddies in their 'Road' movies


      1. Horse colouring; perhaps Hope rode one in his Western movies? (Pl.)
      2. Played the role of Martin in 'The Ghost Breakers' (1940), ___ Corrigan
      3. Hope had a reputation for affairs similar to the notorious Errol __
      4. Hope dressed flashily for the camera, sometimes in a lame __
      6. Skits based on prominent people; Hope and Crosby often indulged in these
      7. Edged weapon
      8. Former prisoner (2-3)
      9. Ironic putdowns exchanged by Crosby and Hope in movies
      12. Christian tag; Hope became a Catholic in 1996 (9,4)
      17. And so on, abbr.
      20. Military, special ventures, abbr.
      21. The type of insult exchanged in Crosby/Hope movies, indicating mental lightweight
      23. Cardinal direction travelled in 'Road to Utopia'
      24. Dash, energy
      26. Hope often played the __, (fool)
      27. Reflected sound heard again
      29. The last Road film was cancelled by Crosby's death; 'Road to the __ of Youth'
      30. In 'Road to Bali', Lamour was Lala, an __ princess (one who lived on a small land in the ocean)
      32. Pouch (anatomy)
      34. Texting message conveying confusion or frustration (inits.)
      36. Hope movie (1939), with Martha Raye '__ Say Die'
      37. Resort city in Crimea
      39. Another comedy movie duo was Martin and __
      40. Rubber City in Ohio
      42. Hope was awarded a __ on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, 1960