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Part of a challenge that aims to increase the number of CWs in certain under-represented topics, this effort started out as an attempt to define the history of science. It didn't work, but it morphed into a general science CW covering a wide variety of science subjects
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      1. Used as an anaesthetic from 1840s to 1920s
      6. He greatly improved the steam engine and has a unit of power named after him
      10. An atom with a valence of 1
      11. Ring of stones marking prehistoric dwelling site (3,6)
      12. Archaeologists dig lots of them
      13. Not a good position for a fetus to be in near birth
      15. Pong
      16. Brightest star in Canis Minor
      18. Freud spoke about this frequently
      19. Damaging aftermath of an undersea earthquake
      21. To become rigid and inflexible
      24. Wading birds with down-curved beaks known as "bin chicks" in Australia (plural- be careful)
      25. A small motor nerve in the eye
      27. First synthetic anti-microbial agent produced by Bayer in 1930s (trade name)
      28. Plant structure that contains female reproductive cells
      29. Smallest member of a litter
      30. Fast flowing westerly air currents near the tropopause (3,7)


      1. Halley's discovery is just one of many
      2. More merciful than expected
      3. They lose electrons to other substances in redox reactions (8,6)
      4. Temperature scale named for physicist born in 1686
      5. A measure of how fast a process is occurring
      7. Medieval forerunner of chemistry
      8. Surgical saw that removes circles of bone
      9. Gel-like substance that fills most of the eyeball (UK spelling)
      14. Wading birds with long, flattened beaks
      17. A remover of paint or clothing
      20. The lion's inseparable companion on UK coat of arms
      22. Small folds of tissue that secure the motion of a mobile organ (plural)
      23. Organic compounds of the type R-O-R'
      26. A small speck of land off the coast