Diamond Sport Crossword Puzzle

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Here's a diamond-shaped puzzle about a sport played on a diamond. There are some first base and left field bleachers, too :)
Author: spanishliz - Diff: Average [ Scores ]



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      1. Blue Jays OR Mets OR Astros
      5. Hitters' stat (abbr.)
      6. Essential tool for 4 Down
      8. To calculate BA, divide H by this (abbr.)
      9. What a ball might do off the outfield fence
      11. Word that might describe some team mascots, perhaps
      13. Important pitchers' stat (abbr.)
      15. The UK's Senior Service (more likely to play cricket than baseball) (abbr.)
      16. A player who slides headfirst does this to the dirt
      19. Blue Jays' 2022 catcher who did NOT win a Silver Slugger award (5,6)
      22. Uncle, to a Spanish-speaking player
      23. M.L. Tigue Moore Field is home to this educational entity's baseball Ragin' Cajuns (abbr.)
      24. Compass direction (abbr.)
      25. Actress/model Doe AND first husband/photographer Richard; the _____
      28. What managers (and players) sometimes do with umpires
      29. Illegal move by pitcher (abbr.)
      30. Colour of Boston baseball players' Sox
      31. Sault ___. Marie, Ontario, claims to have the World's Largest Baseball
      32. Number of balls required for a walk


      1. How baseball players are moved from one team to another; they're _____
      2. Like a tide, the fortunes of a player might do this if he goes into a slump
      3. Potential replacement for umpires? (abbr.)
      4. Belonging to the player who broke Roger Maris's Yankee HR record in 2022 (5,6)
      6. Mr Bonds, who hit a lot of home runs; son of Bobby
      7. Colloquially, a hard hit ball is said to have been hit this great weight (with "a")
      9. State that baseball's Rockies call home (abbr.)
      10. Bearing or demeanor; a pitcher with poise might have a noble one
      11. Fans might display this, especially around playoff time
      12. What players might pack before going on a road trip
      14. In 2020 the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced a mascot named ___ Leon
      17. Including both pitcher and designated hitter, this many players start a game for each team
      18. Type of shoe a Little Leaguer might wear
      20. Baseball ____ Scotia oversees the Bluenose League
      21. How fans chant?
      26. What fielders strive NOT to do
      27. Gas that might be used to light a baseball display sign (abbr.)
      29. Type of heat measurement (abbr.)
      31. Alternate abbr. to scorecard's K