People of Many Occupations V Crossword Puzzle

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You'll find lots of people here, doing lots of different things. Some of them might not be real.
Author: spanishliz - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Throw out the Georgia Peach? ____ stealing (5,2,4)
      8. Co-founder and namesake of company making water testing instruments; Clifford ____
      9. American soul singer ____ Thomas, OR 1963 movie "____ la Douce"
      10. Russia's highest peak, Mount ____
      12. Actor Lowe OR actor/director Reiner
      13. Suffix denoting someone who does a particular thing
      14. Sporting match OR playground pastime
      15. He played Bret Maverick on TV (5,6)
      18. Safety elevator inventor Elisha ____
      19. Female sibling, for short
      20. Pale brown
      21. Matador's opponent (Spanish; 2, 4)
      22. Actor Segers OR quarterback Smith, but NOT singer Vannelli
      25. Sufficient (arch.)
      26. He played Sherman Potter on "M*A*S*H" (5,6)


      1. Nez Perce leader (5,6)
      2. Swiss river (alt.sp.)
      3. Place to watch old films (abbr.)
      4. Third king of this name succeeded his mother in 2022
      5. "____: A Very Soggy Counting Book" is by Nancy Tafuri (3,3,5)
      6. Hugh ____ played Wyatt Earp on television
      7. Comic strip character with his own line of shoes (6,5)
      11. Section of Bogota, Colombia OR Colombian footballer, Catalina ____
      14. Actor Stewart OR Farley
      16. Capital of Khazar Empire in the Middle Ages
      17. Polite form of address for Fred Rogers
      23. Chang Bunker's twin brother (first name)
      24. Dutch footballer Lang OR Israeli actress Tishby