A Matter of Faith Crossword Puzzle

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Faith Hill and her husband are country music royalty; each has won multiple awards and have also successfully transitioned into acting careers. This crossword is part of my Faith, Hope and Charity series.
Author: windrush - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Second single from Faith Hill's 4th studio album, Billboard #1, Hot Country Songs (3,3,3,4,2)
      8. Song on IAMX's album (2005) "Kiss + Swallow"
      9. Evergreen; some of the best music will always sound fresh
      11. Extremely disappointed or hurt (4.4)
      13. Small rural homes (or rooms on board ship)
      16. McGraw and Hill's music is often played at these Western shows
      17. Album and song by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1981)
      19. To regard as a loss (5,3)
      22. To gossip idly
      23. Song from Faith's album, "You Can't ___" (4,2)
      26. Beatles' lyrics "You say goodbye, I ___" (3,5)
      28. Crossings of two tracts in the form of the letter X (from Greek)
      30. Drinking vessel based on a person's likeness (4,3)
      31. Martina McBride song covered by Faith Hill in 1998 "___ My Own" (3,1,3,4,2,2)


      1. Faith Hill's second husband (m. 1996),(3,6)
      2. Single from Hill's album "It Matters to Me", "Someone ___ Dream"
      3. Both Tim and Faith starred in '1883', prequel to this long-running drama series
      4. Home country of both McGraw and Hill (inits.)
      5. Nickname for a Western movie or TV series such as "1883", Horse ___
      6. EMILE (anag.) Essential oil from the Canarium luzonicum
      7. Moves gradually, relaxes
      10. Burden, responsibility
      12. Type of venue both artists have performed at
      13. McGraw has sung this genre (7,4)
      14. Faith's 1st single from her 4th album, a Hot Country Songs No 1
      15. IAN (anag.), Romanian pan-flute
      18. Keyboard instrument similar to harmonium (4,5)
      20. Large city in Brazil, for short
      21. Speedy
      23. Legal
      24. From Faith's album "Cry" (2002), "You're ___ Here"
      25. McGraw's 14th studio album (2015), "Damn Country ___"
      27. End point
      29. Tim is the ___ of former New York Mets pitcher, Tug McGraw