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Sports and More Crossword Puzzle

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Here you'll find lots of sports-related clues and answers, and a number of other things as well.
Author: spanishliz - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Spanish Formula 1 driver Sainz, Jr OR his rally-driving father, Sr
      4. FC Dynamo ____ is a soccer (football) club based in Ukraine's capital
      6. He was The Greatest (surname)
      8. Amazing young player (slang)
      9. Gentle hit, with bat, racket or hand
      11. Cute name for a Chicago baseball player (alt.sp.)
      12. Surface for Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens
      13. Mexican Formula 1 driver nicknamed "Checo" (6,5)
      17. Former Chechen president, ___ Alkhanov
      18. Italian town, site of 1943 battle between German and Canadian forces
      20. Nickname of 34th US president, who was on the football team at West Point
      21. President who played The Gipper (a football player) in a 1940 movie; ____ Reagan
      22. Chef known as the Avant-Garde Vegan; ____ Oakley
      23. Italian city where football (soccer) team Lazio is based
      24. Golfer Gonzales OR baseball player Galarraga OR footballer Iniesta


      1. Former baseball major leaguer whose brothers Ken and Cloyd also made the majors (6,5)
      2. Notorious Victorian killer; Jack the ____
      3. Fictional squire of Don Quixote (6,5)
      4. Former KC Chiefs' fullback ____ Anders OR Richard ____ of "The Fugitive"
      5. Former Dodgers pitcher Fernando (El Toro), and family
      7. Baseball's Iron Horse; ___ Gehrig
      10. Unreturnable tennis serve, OR a baseball team's best pitcher
      14. English Formula 1 driver ____ Russell, who got his first win in Brazil 2022
      15. American football player from Los Angeles.. wait Las Vegas..
      16. Canadian Football League player from Edmonton, after 2021 name change
      19. Dutch footballer (soccer player) ___ Lang