Love the Theme Crossword Puzzle

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Corinthians 13:13 "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love" - or Charity...A recurring theme in song and other entertainment. Enjoy!
Author: windrush - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      9. Musical by Ryan Cunningham (2006) loosely based on "Pride and Prejudice" (1,4,3,7)
      10. Book (1886) by H Rider Haggard, a story of a powerful woman and her ancient love
      12. Grassy land
      13. Korean movie from Ki-Yong Park (2017) about the accidental reunion of a mature couple (3,4)
      14. Many love affairs have started in these internet meeting places (sing.)
      15. French, meaning as a friend, confidante (2,3)
      16. Quantity a person can hold
      19. Reversal of fortune
      22. Multiplication; ___ table
      24. Hinged windows, 19thC Romantic symbol
      26. Charms, tempts
      27. Japanese-American 2nd wife of John Lennon, Yoko ___
      28. Faith Hill's 5th studio album (spoiler alert - contains love songs)
      30. Doris Day, James Cagney movie (1955) (4,2,2,5,2)


      1. British movie (2015) starring Toni Collette, "___ You Already"
      2. Single from Guetta/Willis' album 'Pop Life' (2007), "Love is ___"
      3. Great Bogey/Bacall movie (1948) set off the Florida coast (3,5)
      4. Alexander the Great's femme fatale, who killed his second wife
      5. Bellies, midriffs
      6. First studio album by Daniel Lanois, with "Jolie Louise"
      7. Leading Japanese filmmaker, Akira ___, "Seven Samurai"
      8. Shakespeare's hero in "Much Ado About Nothing", wooer of Beatrice
      11. Prolific author of Regency romances, Georgette
      16. Christmas rom-com (2003) following several couples, "Love ___"
      17. Italian movie, "Ricordati di me", English title "Remember ___" (2,2,4)
      18. A marriage proposal requires the other party to make a ___
      20. Relating to world affairs, also relating to time
      21. Provide with food and drink
      23. Young couples often have to ___ and save
      25. Track from the Clash's album "Combat Rock", "___ I Stay or ___ I Go"
      28. Rock superstar and Oscar winning actress, album "Love Hurts" (1991)
      29. French Italian movie and singing heartthrob, Montand