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We are looking for songs on things that glow. It can be the promise of a new day, a headlight, fire, the moon or the stars. Best of luck.
Author: pollucci19 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Coldplay's Grammy nominated single from 2014; "A Sky Full of ___"
      4. Setting a glowing example, she told us "The Best Things in Life Are Free" (1992); ___ Jackson
      7. Liven up the celebrations, Big Audio Dynamite gave us "The ___ Party" from "The Globe" LP (1991)
      8. The Walker Brothers trying to dampen the mood in 1966; "The Sun Ain't ___ Shine Anymore"
      9. Born with the surname Sebert, with Zedd, she asked us for our "True Colors" in 2016
      10. Peter Allen was positively glowing in 1976; "I Go to ___"
      11. Frontman for Brave New Saturn for their 2003 LP "The Light of Things Hoped For"; ___ Roper
      14. He met "Mandy" in 1974 and a year later he wondered "Could It Be Magic"; ___ Manilow
      17. Enya's shining light was her third studio LP; "Shepherd ___" (1991)
      20. In 1970 John Lennon told us that "we all shine on" in this hit song; "Instant ___"
      23. Take That showed us the way with this 2008 single; "Hold ___ Light" (Two words 2,1)
      24. There's a bit of lustre in the title of this Scuzz Twittly song; "Party Like Charlie ___" (2012)
      25. She sent us a warm glow in 1982 with "I Can Feel the Fire"; ___ Geyer
      26. Dan Sultan sang the title track on this breezy musical from 2009; "Bran ___ Dae"
      27. "I See the Moon" was a shining 1963 single for a lady best known for her boots; ___ Sinatra
      28. Played piano on Elvis Costello's 1984 hit "The Only Flame in Town"; Steve ___


      1. Known for "Night Moves" (1976) he covered Rodney Crowell's "Shame on the Moon" (1982); Bob ___
      2. She gave us her "Shining Light" single in 2009; ___ Lennox
      3. Pray there's no eclipse. Thrice encouraged us to "___ at the Sun" in 2003
      4. With optimism he told us we could drive it home with "One Headlight" in 1996; ___ Dylan
      5. Showbread, looking at the positive in 2004; "___, Nihilism is Not Practical" (Two words 2,3)
      6. In 2008 her eighth studio LP spoke of "Our Bright Future"; ___ Chapman
      12. This band tried healing the world with their 1979 single "Shine a Little Love" (Initials)
      13. From "Soul Revolution" (1971), a happy Bob Marley & the Wailers; "___ is Shining"
      15. The 4th studio album for this Norwegian group was "East of the Sun, West of the Moon"
      16. Looking at the bright side, this band from Georgia gave us "Shiny Happy People" in 1991
      17. Pink Floyd's drummer, was on the skins for "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" in 1975; Nick ___
      18. Best known for "Channel Orange" (2012) he covered "Moon River" as a single in 2018; Frank ___
      19. A bright and clear soul jazz standard from Bobby Hebb in 1963
      20. Australian singer, produced her "Moonglow" LP in 1992; ___ Knowles
      21. "On the Western Skyline" opened their 1986 LP "The Way It Is"; Bruce Hornsby & the ___
      22. She "Set Fire to the Rain" in 2011