Alphabetical #2 Crossword Puzzle

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Another in the Alphabetical series. The first letter is given. Form a word with the clue given. Example (R+frozen water = R+ice = Rice).
Author: sw11 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. S+locomotive
      5. T+knock
      7. A+the second syllable of the scale in solfège
      8. B+raw mineral
      9. N+consume
      10. T+unwanted plant
      13. P+14th letter of the Roman alphabet
      15. A+perform
      17. E+released air
      18. P+preposition
      20. E+Egyptian sun god
      22. S+vessels for boiling
      25. D+work of creation
      26. A+compass direction
      27. A+Chinese strategy board game for two persons
      28. B+hearing organ
      29. P+rental contract


      2. T+flexible pipe
      3. A+wager
      4. N+tailless primate
      5. T+finish
      6. A+hospital room
      11. W+aid
      12. E+ solar disc worshipped as the sole god during ancient Egypt
      13. P+higher position
      14. N+1982 Steven Spielberg movie
      15. A+internet code for Germany
      16. O+former Swedish town in Scania
      19. A+bottom support
      21. R+busy insects
      22. S+dark viscous material
      23. A+above
      24. S+amount of time someone is alive