Ah, Baloney! Appetizing Animals Crossword Puzzle

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Many animals are named for food, either because of a resemblance or because it is their primary diet source. Several appear in this puzzle, but no abalone, sorry!
Author: pusdoc - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. With 25A, bright red amphibian
      3. October birthstone
      6. Created for a specific purpose (2 wds)
      10. With 11A and 23A, coelenterate resembling breakfast
      11. With 23A and 10A, coelenterate resembling breakfast
      12. Not once
      13. Rolling Stones album, "Their ____ Majesties Request"
      15. Prevent dye from adhering
      17. Flying fox, AKA _____ bat
      19. It resembles a yellow tropical fruit, ____ fish
      21. With 30D, its brown projections would appear more at home on a cookie, the ____ sea star (word 1)
      23. With 10 and 11A, coelenterate resembling breakfast
      25. With 1A, bright red amphibian
      27. Ship wreckage adrift
      31. Papa Doc's home
      32. Frankie Laine song about pack animals (2 wds, 4,5)
      33. Edible echinoderm named for its shape, not its flavor, ____ cucumber
      34. French for breakfast, ____ dejeuner
      35. Votes of opposition
      36. Trademarked brand of kitchen tools


      1. Apples developed in Aomori, Japan
      2. Fluffy screech or great-horned nestling
      4. Newtonian tome, "Philosophiae Naturalis ____ Mathematica"
      5. "Merry Widow" composer
      6. Loss of the ability to recognize objects or people
      7. Grand Canyon tribe
      8. Eurasian bird in the rail family, ____ crake
      9. True nature of the ugly duckling
      14. For us, like water to fish
      16. Single element in a strand
      17. Watches and clocks and people each have one
      18. Medical specialist for the bladder
      20. Adverb, in an essential manner
      22. A deaf person who uses speech instead of sign language
      23. What a raft does
      24. Historical time period
      26. Financial advice podcaster Suze
      28. One yellowish variety of this marine predator is the lemon ____
      29. Several hummingbirds are named for this tropical fruit
      30. With 21A, its brown projections would appear more at home on a cookie, the ____ sea star (word 2)