Bemusing Mind Torments Crossword Puzzle

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A little drop-a-letter Brain Teaser where every answer contains the letter 'B'. Banish a letter from the word given and anagram to solve the clue.
Author: leith90 - Diff: Average [ Scores ]



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      1. BUDGET: Fix a computer program
      4. BAMBOO: Nuclear weapon (1,4)
      7. BAIL: Liturgical vestment
      8. RUMBLE: Shade of brown
      9. BISTRO: Planetary path
      10. GRAB: Pub
      11. ROBUST: Super-charged engine
      14. BEHEST: Moon of Jupiter
      17. BATEAU: Lessen
      20. OBLAST: Watercraft (pl)
      23. BARK: Woman's undergarment
      24. BILBAO: "The Hobbit" character
      25. RHUMBA: Navigation line
      26. LAMB: Research site, in short
      27. BASALT: Small Indian drums
      28. REHABS: Biblical Queen


      1. OUTBID: Uncertainty
      2. BARBAL: Fictional elephant
      3. BOGART: Movie legend Greta
      4. BOATER: Cancel, terminate
      5. EMBRYO: Blending of hair colours
      6. BREATH: Cleanse
      12. SNUB: Computer interface device (1,1,1)
      13. TUBA: Cricket essential
      15. BOTH: American cable network (Inits)
      16. DEBT: Wager
      17. TIMBAL: Scope or range
      18. BRIDAL: Spontaneous (2,3)
      19. OBLATE: African virus
      20. RABBIS: Fishhook features
      21. USABLE: Maltreat
      22. SCARAB: Jew born in Israel