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FunTrivia in Education

    FunTrivia has been used by K-12 and post-secondary schools worldwide for nearly 20 years. We welcome teachers and parents and encourage the use of in the classroom or as part of home schooling.

    Feel free to connect to with school computers. With over 130,000 quizzes on 12,000 topics, we have quizzes on pretty much everything. From history and geography, to science and literature, we help make learning fun.

Content Accuracy

    In general, our content is fairly accurate. All quiz material is overseen by a team of volunteer editors, many of whom are former educators.

    FunTrivia handles content much like Wikipedia does. Visitors to our site contribute trivia questions in the form of quizzes. Any user also has the ability to submit corrections, and so over time questions that may become outdated or that are simply erroneous get corrected.

    Please keep in mind though that this is not foolproof. Because of the community-nature of our content creation and the fact that information can change with time, we cannot guarantee accuracy. We strongly recommend that you verify answers to questions you intend to use relating to grading or assessment!

Appropriate Content

    All quizzes are vetted by volunteer editors before they go online (in fact, many of our volunteers are active or retired teachers). You will not find profanity in quizzes on our site, nor anything we deem indecent or inflammatory. Since 1995 we have prided ourselves for being "family friendly". That said, it is up to you to determine what factual content is appropriate for your students and audience. For example, one of our WWII history categories deals with the holocaust which may be upsetting to some, some of our science quizzes deal with reproduction which can be a sensitive subject, etc.

Creating Your Own Quizzes

    Educators and/or their students can create their own quizzes on FunTrivia! In fact, thousands of quizzes currently online at FunTrivia were originally created by teachers and students.

    Creating a quiz on a topic is a great way to learn, as each question has to be researched and understood. Each question in a FunTrivia quiz also requires "interesting information" to be added, allowing students to share what they have learned about a topic. Alternatively, an educator can create a quiz on a topic and then have students take the quiz.

    To create a quiz on FunTrivia, create a Free User ID here. Your students may each create their own FunTrivia ID, but only if each student has a unique email address. If you want multiple students to be able to create quizzes on a group/class account at the same time without requiring their own accounts, make sure your User ID starts with the letters "Edu_". For example, "Edu_MsSmith". This signals to us that a class will be using the account so that our editors understand that different people are accessing it.

    Then, find the "Create a New Quiz" link under the Quizzes menu.

    Please be aware that teacher/class quizzes go through the same "vetting" process as all other quizzes. Quizzes that are not written in good, clear English, or which are filled with obvious errors will not be placed online. We encourage teachers with students who are less experienced writers to review student-created quizzes before they are "submitted" to appear online.

Technical Issues

    On a rare occasion, extremely large numbers of students accessing our website at one time can result in access from a school getting interrupted. If you encounter such an issue, please contact us with your school's IP address and we will take care of the issue.


    If using our website in the classroom, please link back to our site from your school's website or teaching resource website if that is in your control.

    Finally, if you enjoy using our quizzes in your classroom, please spread the word. The best way to acknowledge us is to tell other teachers and schools about FunTrivia. Thank you for the job you do, and thank you for visiting FunTrivia.

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