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daily email trivia category History: U.S. History: U.S. Wars: Foreign Wars of the United States
1A war, begun in 2001 as Operation Enduring Freedom, was fought primarily in which country, in which the USA took part?
daily email trivia category Humanities: Linguistics: Linguistics: How to Speak Without a Voice
2I was grateful for this timely entrance because a strange odor had permeated the room and Asia was standing on her tippy-toes prodding her hips with the first two fingers of each hand. What emergency was the little girl communicating?
    Wardrobe Malfunction
    Severe Growth Spurt Imminent
    Poopy Diaper
    Buffalo Over-Grazing
daily email trivia category Music: Classic Rock: Classic Rock: Who Stones the Beatles?
3In 1970, The Who told us there was no cure for what kind of blues?
    rock n roll
    cabin fever
    cheatin' heart
daily email trivia category Sports: USA Mixed: USA Mixed : USA Sports Stew w/o Carrots
4Which heavyweight boxer bit the tip of Evander Holyfield's ear off in a bout?
    Roberto Duran
    Mike Tyson
    Joe Frazier
    Lennox Lewis
daily email trivia category Movies: Something in Common: Something in Common: Just What the Actors Ordered
5Which of the following actors struck gold at the box office with a directorial debut based on the story of a US Civil War era soldier and his interactions with the Native American tribe of Lakota?
    Bruce Willis
    Kevin Kline
    Kevin Costner
    Matt Damon
daily email trivia category Geography: Kuwait: Kuwait: Kuwait
6Kuwait gained independence from which country?
    Great Britain
daily email trivia category People: U.S.A. People: U.S.A. People: Some Famous Past Americans
7I was the 37th president of the United States. I abused my powers, and was the first president to resign. I am ...
    John F. Kennedy
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Richard Nixon
daily email trivia category Hobbies: Homes & Gardens: Homes & Gardens: Salt: The True Story
8The chemical compound known as salt is made from which elements?
daily email trivia category Sci / Tech: Digestive System and Metabolism: Digestive System and Metabolism: Knowledge About Your Teeth
9This assists in the proper chewing of foods.
daily email trivia category Celebrities: Celebrity Families: Celebrity Families : Celebrity Relations
10Siblings John, Ethel and Lionel were considered the grand family of Hollywood in the Golden Era, a legacy carried on by John's grand-daughter, Drew. What is their surname?
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